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So nothing like a Bond movie…? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I know Bond has fallen by the wayside in recent years, but yeah - I’d say that both still have distinct manners of execution.


Looks like the X-men are getting New X-men inspired costumes for the next movie.


Those look neat.
I only really liked Cyclops, Jean, and Nightcrawler’s costumes at the end of the last one.


The only way I see Infinity War approaching 2 billion is if it’s an amazing movie, which seems unlikely. That’s not a knock on Marvel, they’re very good at what they do. They make entertaining blockbuster movies, but they rarely break the mold they’ve created for themselves. Add in the 3 dozen characters they need to balance and we’ll be lucky if it’s coherent.

You never know, but with things like Deadpool, Solo, Jurassic World, and The Incredibles 2 all coming out within 6 or so weeks, it’s hard to imagine Infinity War will be able to have the legs necessary to get past 1.5 billion.

That said, the fact that Disney will be getting close to 3 billion from BP and IW combined is a pretty big win.


Even if it’s the best Marvel movie yet I think folks are dismissing just how hard it is to get close to $2 billion. Only 3 movies have ever topped that, and they were the biggest event we’d had in cinema in some years. At the end of the day Infinity War is another Marvel movie in a sea of Marvel movies. Their third in the last six months. Just beating Avengers, itself a huge event, will be a thing. Black Panther is an event, it’s probably going to top out between $1.4 bil and $1.5 bil.

Your friend is a Marvel Zombie. There’s a whole new generation of movie zombies, many of whom I assume have never read a comic. These characters are great and captured our youths, it’s no a surprise that they’ve made new dedicated fans that would never have read a comic before.


Very true. In fact, only 2 movies have done it in their initial run. Titanic only crossed $2 billion after a re-release or two. So yeah, IW would have to tap into something pretty special to be able to get there. I think if it manages more than $1.5 billion that would be a huge success for it.

In fact, it could end up being the lowest grossing Avengers movie if it ends on a cliffhanger. If it doesn’t feel like a complete movie on its own, I could see that hurting repeat viewings.


Personally I think Disney will be happy to reverse the eroding trend they’ve had from Avengers thru Ultron thru Civil War. Homecoming was the first movie featuring Tony Stark to do less than a billion. So if IW can get back to Ultron numbers they’ll be happy.

That said I wonder if Black Panther is creating false expectations for them. I know the Marvel plan is every movie does a billion, I’m just not sure that’s attainable. Ant man and Wasp will be quite telling in where it ends up.


I feel like the ceiling for Ant-Man & Wasp is around $700 million. And that would be a pretty solid increase from Ant-Man. I wouldn’t be surprised if some level of superhero fatigue has set in by then since we’ll have had BP, IW, Deadpool, and (to a lesser extent) Incredibles. Ant-Man & Wasp will be the fifth superhero movie in 5 months. Then again, if it’s good fun no one will really care and it could get an Avengers boost…


I have high hopes for the critical end of AM&W. I think there will be a shift to feminism in telling Janet and what’s-her-face’s stories. Rudd will do comedy and Douglas will be brilliant.

Now, if we can get Catherine Zeta-Jones-Douglas in, that’d be right nice, too.


I would be surprised if Ant Man & Wasp exceeds Ant Man. I don’t think Ant Man left people begging for a sequel, and there doesn’t seem to be any obvious extra hook in a sequel other than “Hey kids it’s those characters you kinda liked last time… the funny tiny guy… remember…? no…?”

Unless they’re going to add Black Panther to the trailer or something, and with the “fatigue” factor working against it, I think it’s got an uphill fight.


Some calm and measured diplomacy from Christopher Eccleston on the subject of his Thor role.



He does the film, gets paid, and then bitches about it. What a tool.


It’s not like he was the only actor who could play a Dark Elf.


By that definition, Alec Guinness was a tool, too.


They’re actors; they’re naturally dramatic. :wink:


I like Eccleston, and Thor 2 wasn’t great, but man he loves to trash it :laughing:


I remember Richard E. Grant talking about playing ‘Withnail’ and how it was “the plight of a thespian in crisis.” and he laughed as he said it.

These people do good work because they care, and when it’s not something that they enjoy they do bring that passion to the dislike too.

So I would prefer (for them too) if they just cashed the cheque and moved on, but as I said before; they’re dramatic.


By that rationale, anyone who doesn’t enjoy their job and talks about it is a tool