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It’s actually “all the heroes are—OHHH WAKANDA!!!


Millar got it right. Cap has a history of turning his back on the government when he thinks they’re morally wrong, as we saw in significant arcs in the 70s and 80s. Millar just took that and ran with it. (I thought CW was executed poorly across the comics, but Millar’s core idea was good.)


Also, half the fun was consciously running against people’s expectations in terms of how Cap and Iron Man fell on different sides of the argument.

I remember thinking that Civil War would have been interesting as an Ultimate Universe story, especially given the more militaristic approach to superpowers in the Ultimate books at that time, and the way it would have fit a universe where superpowers were still a relatively new thing.

I feel as though Ultimate Cap and Ultimate Tony might have ended up on the opposite sides to the regular MU versions - although Ultimate Cap got more and more suspicious of Nick Fury and SHIELD as the Ultimate books went on.


I thought so as well.
It would have been a great way to take Ultimates 3, given how Ult. Cap quits at the end of Ultimates 2.


I do hope I was supposed to sing the end bit like The Lion King.


Ummm… That’s hours upon hours of watching MCU films and TV at this point. Maybe you need to reevaluate the level of geekiness present in your friends. :wink:


Or just how much free time they have?


All my friends are geeks. This is just an aquaintance, who I would never have considered discussing superheroes with before. Music, cooking, fashion maybe (before I made my polite exit :wink: ). Superheroes? No way!

Marvel movies have turned her geek :stuck_out_tongue:

Even my sister has been texting me asking which order she should be watching the Marvel movies in. Which is just ridiculously outside her normal viewing tastes (though her Harry Potter obsession may have primed her for it, maybe).


I honestly don’t think I know anyone under the age of forty who doesn’t enjoy the MCU films, even if it’s only the level of watching them when they come on TV or Netflix or with their kids. At least half of them have been date movies for me (albeit, after I’ve been to the first showing myself) and that seems pretty standard for people. Its popularity is just commonplace now, they sell more marvel stuff in the women’s section than the men.

Also, they are today’s standard for watching a film you know will be reasonably entertaining and non-taxing (or just taxing enough). People love that. So even if you arent a big fan you’ll have watched a few of them.




Another thing I’ve been thinking about…

While everyone is kind of saying Black Panther is making such an impact for the ethnicity factor, I do think there’s another major factor at play… the spy film element.

James Bond films do serious money. Bond fans really took to Kingsman, too, despite its comic book origins. The Bond aspect of Black Panther was touted beforehand but most who’ve watched it are passing on that same message in word of mouth. That aspect can’t be ignored, there are people you wouldn’t even imagine are James Bond fans to the core. I think Dr. Strange may have gotten a similar bump with Harry Potter fans. MCU has catered to so many people at this point.


Millarworlders don’t count. Our hatred for the status quo knows no bounds. Nothing will ever be good enough.


I really didn’t get a Bond sense out of it.
Everyone name checks the Casino scene - but that just felt like a general action scene. Nothing very spy about it.

The whole stuff about nationality and culture and immigrant children was more palpable.


The casino scene is pretty much the bit in Macau from Skyfall. The rest of the movie though? I wish there had been more James Bond stuff to it.


I don’t remember much of Skyfall.
I’m good with it not being Bond.


Yeah but if you’re just a normal joe and you’re chatting to someone at work you aren’t going to say about it being really Africanny, you’re gonna say, aye, it was a wee bit like James Bond in some bits of it before you go into any of the 'nation at odds, political, terroristy ‘fuck this country I came from, I’m here to fuck stuff up’ stuff - tho thst is also a bit James Bond-y to a lot of people.


Nah, I wouldn’t say that. I’d say it was a movie about the plight of first generation immigrant children.

Seriously, this movie spoke to me on so many levels there.


A lot of people arent going to look that deeply tho. They’re gonna see the T’Challa gets gadgets by a female Q scene and equate that with Bond.


A fancy casino where our suave hero plays it cool with some spy subterfuge among high-rollers, before everything hits the fan and the baddies escape in a high-speed car chase, during which our guy jumps in a supercar and tries to take them down with some secret gadgets that he got from his tech-whiz pal in a comedy scene a few minutes earlier, only to eventually find himself in conflict with other governments and politicians over how best to handle the villain… No, it doesn’t sound familiar.


I mean, it doesn’t take long and the casino is more of a setting than anything really taken into with regards to the scene at hand.

It’s more just a pretext before the punch-em up driving scene.

If anything I’d compare it to Mission Impossible.