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Marvel peaked 6 years ago and haven’t matched that since. I read the numbers that they’ve got mostly a fixed audience worth about $800 million. It’s to be expected that a company with 20 movies in 10 years would have a steady audience.

$2 bil is crazy high for IW. No-one outside of Marvel Zombies cares that it’s (loosely) the build up of previous movies. It’ll be judged by its own merits. And to me it’s nothing like Star Wars either. That $2 billion was down to poor prequels and 40 years of hype. IW is just another Marvel movie. We get one every 4 months these days.


Fancy a wager?


Peaked six years ago as their most recent film is poised to become the highest-grossing superhero film of all time (beating the last Marvel film that was a culmination of the films that came before it, Avengers). Put me in the 2B camp, as well.


I would be slightly surprised if Infinity War crossed 1.5 billion.


I don’t like betting on negatives. So if IW beats Avengers you’ll have to make do with the satisfaction of being right.


You think that Black Panther is going to make more than The Avengers? Is that what they’re saying now? No way.


Almost certainly domestic, but not worldwide.


Marvel didn’t peak. The Avengers might have, sure. But Marvel just released a billion dollar movie featuring a c list character. Before that, they rejuvinated a kinda borderline-stagnant franchise (Thor) to great financial success. Before that, they made a Doctor friggin Strange movie that grossed 700 million bucks. I don’t know if they’ll ever release a movie that will make 1.55 billion again (though I suspect they will.) But to say that theyve peaked when their per film average appears to be steadily rising with each new release might be overstating things a bit.


To be fair I’m only semi-confident. I’d have been in for a round of drinks at most.

Edit: I do think it’ll beat Avengers though. The cast list alone makes it one of the biggest event movies ever and there’s not a host of films people are excited for this year apart from it.


I mean are we arguing what a peak is here?


Yeah, Avengers is still the biggest success they had.

And it’s quite possible that it’s as high as they can go. Avengers had the advantage of being the first proper, big superhero team-up movie; maybe that’s what brought in the additional viewers and maybe they’ll never achieve that again.

I suppose that would still be fine - the movies are doing well.

But I do think that there is a general awareness that these movies belong together in some way, and that these characters exist in the same universe and can interact, and that Infinity War with its score of characters might just appeal to everybody who saw some of the Marvel movies so that it will become a must-see.

I wouldn’t bet on it, but I think there’s a fair chance Parker is right.


The trailers for Infinity War have been slightly underwhelming so far. Thanos just doesn’t seem like a very thrilling villain. And apart from “all the heroes are here!” there isn’t anything special in the trailers.

I think it will easily do 1.5 billion. 2 Billion would be a lot.


It’s important to remember that the films are still being finished.

The first film isn’t out for over a month and they’ll probably deliver it the day before the premiere.

And then go back and do some more work on it!

Bigger trailers are on their way.


But does it need anything more than that?


To get to 2 billion, yes I think it needs a bit more.


Word of mouth could do that. This is the film they’ve been building to for a decade. Some will be sceptival about if it can pull it off, but could be drawn in by a positive buzz.

And this film is following on the heels of two big hits - Thor Ragnarok and Black Panther.


It’s like we’ve learned nothing from Justice League.


I agree with Jim wholeheartedly here.


Well, if it’s any good.

I liked Civil War, but it was a flawed movie and I get why some people don’t like it. I hope Infinity War is a great movie, but if it’s really just a double splash page in movie form, that won’t be enough.


I think 1.5 billion is a given really. Ultron did 1.4 billion and I can see no scenario this won’t do better.