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I liked Evans in the First Avenger, and consider that in the top half of Marvel films.

I don’t really like him in the full Avengers ensemble, where he comes across as a simp and is generally blown off the screen by RDJ, Hemsworth, Scarlett, Ruffalo, Hiddleston.

Evans is more on par with the guys who play Hawkeye, Falcon, and Bucky…they’re all just kind of bland action figures, they don’t really bring anything to the table in terms of charisma.

In my opinion.


I can see where people are coming from on that a little bit. I wonder whether part of it is that the underdog charm of pre-serum Steve inevitably disappears once he becomes a big beefy tough-guy.

I thought he had some good moments in Winter Soldier though, when he had some slightly more personal material to play off with Bucky.


I wonder whether that’s partly the character as much as the actor. I feel the same about Cap in the comics a lot of the time - he’s far from the most interesting or exciting Avenger.

Hawkeye and Bucky fair enough, but Falcon? I thought Mackie was hugely charismatic and likeable.


The super soldier serum was the worst thing that happened to Cap. Before it he was this charming plucky guy, then he got swole and it shrank his personality. It might be a Russo brothers thing, their movies aren’t known for being light hearted. Bucky is pretty much the worst character in the MCU, he’s dead eyed and emotionless in every single scene. We got a glimpse of a more relaxed Evans in Thor 2. Still, his Cap is almost Vision levels of terrible compared the most of the MCU cast.

They’ve also screwed up Black Widow. She started off with that fantastic interrogation scene, but she’s had nothing exciting since.


Maybe he is fairly divisive. I had a conversation about him off the board recently and people seemed split 50/50.

He doesn’t play a big enough role for me to feel strongly about but I think he could stand to loosen up a bit.


Bucky was supposed to be dull and zombielike wasn’t he? He was brainwashed. So that’s how the actor played him. It worked for me in Winter Soldier, but in Civil War he seemed to be the same, and I would have expected him to show some personality there.

I do like Evans though. All of Marvel’s casting choices have been great.


I get it, though - they’ve had how many movies to make us think Bucky is a viable substitution, and I’m not feeling it.


They don’t seem to be aiming to replace Steve with Bucky though. We just assume they are because it happened once in the comics.


Falcon would be the replacement if they go that route.


I think he’d be a good replacement too. He hasn’t given good Marvel performances, but Anthony Mackie seems to be a pretty cool charismatic guy. I’d watch a movie of him trying to be the new Cap. He just needs a different director.


2 episodes into Jessica Jones, Season 2 and I’m bored out of my mind. This feels like a TNT/USA/ABC type of show…Devoid of nuance and full of hamfisted dialogue. Nothing feels genuine.


I actually feel lucky to be living in an era where I don’t have to like every comic book adaption, because there are so many.

JJ season one didn’t work for me and the reports so far suggest that season 2 will work no more (and probably less) for me, so I just wont waste my time on it. I gave up on ‘Iron Fist’ fairly early, didn’t watch ‘The Defenders’ and haven’t seen ‘The Punisher’.

I will watch the next season of ‘Daredevil’ and I’ll give ‘Luke Cage’ another go, as I liked the first half of the season a lot.

But it’s great to be able to do that, to have an excess of shows and movies so we can pick and choose. :slight_smile:

I think he’s one of the best bits of casting so far. I hope he gets more to do in future.


Yeah, exactly. Cap is mostly and serious, and his charm is of an old-fashioned kind. But he doesn’t have any swagger. Chris Evans can do swagger and the kind of fun that Downey or Hiddleston are doing - he did it with the Torch in the first FF movie - but Cap doesn’t allow for that.

I think he does very well with a pretty difficult character.


If they had gone with something along the lines of Millar’s Ultimate Cap then they maybe could have made that kind of thing work, but it would have required a totally different approach (including the actor).

They obviously wanted to stick to something a lot more traditional - more stoic and sincere. On those terms I think Evans does pretty well, but that doesn’t necessarily equate to a particularly exciting or charismatic performance. (He’s shown he can do stuff more along those lines in the Fantastic Four movies, or the Losers film.)


Aye, that’s why I think The First Avenger was his best MCU film. Simply because everything is on that same, if exaggerated, level. Evans’ Cap plays perfectly against the archetypical Red Skull.


When watching a Cap America marathon a few years ago in the cinema for the premier of Civil War, both myself and the guy I was with walked out saying First Avenger was the surprise highlight of the day.

In this chronological cut I keep banging on about the very first scene is him coming back from his mother’s funeral. He then gets treated like an asshole by everyone for wanting to be a good person. He gets supered and then still gets treated like an asshole. He then loses his best friend and gives up the woman he loves to sacrifice himself. He wakes up in the future and right away, what do you know, people are treating him like an asshole again and faking the past. He still goes above and beyond to do the right thing. He’s angry and controls it, sad but still wants to see others happy and allows himself moments of levity despite even though his dreams came true, all he’s ever known is hurt. And he still never gives up. He doesn’t have a lot of witty patter and everyone wants a bit more out of him, sure, and I don’t think he’d be much fun to have a beer with, but you gotta love the guy.

Steve Rogers is basically the Keanu Reeves of fiction.


I thought Keanu Reeves was the Keanu Reeves of fiction.


He’s the Keanu Reeves of real life.

Unless we’re all fictional…? :worried:


low hanging fruit


I’ve been looking at Marvel’s Box Office figures. Bar Ant-Man there has been a slow and steady rise, overall. Looking at the Box Office best of all time, I think Infinity War is going to break 2 billion worldwide.

The reason why I’m putting this here rather than the Box Office thread is that I have a theory - Black Panther wouldn’t have broke the 1 billion barrier if it hadn’t been for every MCU Marvel movie that preceded it. Yes, it’s a good film, and yes, it’s a cultural milestone, but it’s gotten there by the stepping stones behind it. Because of those stepping stones, Infinity War has nearly 15 billion dollars worth of investment for cinema goers. On average I watch these films twice in the cinema and then buy the bluray. In terms of not just money, but time too, cinema goers have an insane amount invested in this story now. My brother in law has watched every movie countless times and he is the opposite of what you’d normally call a geek. He watches Age of Ultron on a loop. The only thing comparable in terms of investment and waiting for release is Star Wars and it did over 2 Billion with a near Christmas opening. The buzz has been building for so long now, and the Black Panther success is an insanely positive way to be going into the final promotional straight.

The MCU is an incredible achievement of story telling in itself though. To get this many movies in and even your worst films are picked apart relentlessly but are still better than most other superhero movies… and they’ve actually gotten better and more varied.

Maybe there is loads of viewers don’t overly enjoy The First Avenger or Civil War or, Thor forbid, Ragnarok, but there’s other films that they adore, all connected to the same ongoing story. All those stories are about to payoff in one film, it’s just insane.