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Honestly Evans has done well by Cap, with what he’s been given… poor guy got the shittiest costume in Avengers :smile:

In the first Cap he was meh but ok, on Avengers it was more of the same, but since then he’s really done it for me… I buy him as Cap. Unfortunately Civil War is shit, but that’s not his fault… he did well enough in that one as well…

I’m definetly gonna miss him and Hemsworth a lot more than the others (including RDJ).


Marvel are prepared to recast roles, they’ve done it before and they’d do it again if it helped them make more money.

So Evans is still there because Marvel (and their mouse eared overlords) have focus grouped and market tested and they think he’s doing a good job.

You can’t please everyone, but they’re doing a good job of pleasing more than enough people.

Whether Evans is ready to stop playing Cap, or even stop acting altogether is another matter.


Well, I think they’ll all be open to more cameos and team-ups (a-la Ragnarok) as long as there’s a nice paycheck to go with it, so I hope they won’t get stupid and start killing heroes in IW and A4… there’s zero to gain with that… I think everyone wins by keeping the doors open for future stints.


TV shows have killed off main characters and not just survived, but thrived, after the event.

Killing off main characters gets publicity and generates excitement; it’s a big and dramatic move. If Marvel are going to do it it’ll be in ‘Infinity War’.

We’ll see.


I suspect they’ll take a break from Iron Man, Cap (at least Steve Rogers), and Thor for a while post Avengers 4. I mean, who knows who survives the whole thing at this point, anyway. Although maybe they get some of those guys for an occasional cameo. I do suspect most of them would enjoy a break from the never ending Marvel Machine, though.


Avengers: Age of Ultron borrowed the title and villain from the comic c series and not much else.

I say that because I wonder if the title to A4 will be Heroes Reborn. The movie just uses the title and nothing more. It’s a great title to use if you kill characters in the Infinity War and bring them back.


I also wouldn’t be surprised if they then do some “New Avengers” movies after Avengers 4.


It seems like they’re going to lay off the Avengers films after A4. At least that’s the impression Feige gives in the most recent interviews.


I was going to start the Marvel marathon last night but Red box doesn’t stock Captain America TFA (they did have Captain Underpants) and video rental stores don’t seem to exist in this part of the country. I found it at the grocery store on DVD for $20 but if I have to buy it I’ll look for the Blu Ray. Looking through Redbox, they don’t have IM 1 or 2 either, fairly limited. Netflix is the same just a few Marvel flicks, and my streaming is limited to download and watch later. (no internet at home)
My intention of seeing them all before infinity wars is released might not be realized. I have no intention of buying them all, CA and IM I’d own because I’ve seen and enjoyed them ( I found CA:TWS unopened on my movie shelf!) I’d probably buy The Avengers as well since it has Dr Banner revealing his secret, I love that line delivery! If I get that far in I’ll decide if I’m interested enough to keep buying or rent what is available. Kind of surprised how hard it is to rent or download these. I figured some marketing guy at Marvel would have come up with the idea of them ALL being available on one service (like Netflix). Hopefully I’ll be able to find Captain America tonight, after visiting WWI last night with Wonder Woman I’m ready for another historical Super hero movie.


I think that’d be a good idea. Focus on the individual franchises and small crossovers, and slowly build up to the next Avengers movie, so it’ll be a proper event.


At this point, I’d be surprised if it didn’t happen in Infinity War. I hope it’s not Downey though. He’ll have to stop playing Iron Man at some point, given that he’s in his fifties now, but I’d happily watch him do it for another decade. And then they could do a proper old man swansong movie.


Captain Underpants is much better than Captain America.


I really liked CA, his suit is awesome, no fancy tech just grit and determination. Hugo was a great Red Skull but would have liked to see more of him. Thats my recollection from 7 years ago so I’ll see if it holds up. :wink:


I’ve just been watching some of Captain America: The First Avenger as I caught it on TV. I had forgotten how good it was - I always remember it as being one of the lesser MCU movies but it’s actually a really fun and well-made film, and I ended up getting sucked into watching a lot of it even though I hadn’t meant to.

I think people who moan about Evans’ portrayal of Cap need to look to the early sections of this movie to see why he was such good casting. Steve Rogers is an old-fashioned hero who’s incredibly sincere and good-hearted to the point of cliché, and if you can’t make the audience buy that character then the entire thing fails. But Evans sells it perfectly and makes you believe it entirely. I think his pre-transformation stuff might be his best work in all of the Marvel movies.


I think Evans as Cap has turned out to be the best casting decision Marvel has made, so it’s always surprising to see complaints about it.


I like Evans in the role, but I think RDJ is probably going to forever be the best casting decision Marvel ever made.


Evans is great as pre- Super Soldier Serum Steve but is unenergetic and dull as Cap; it’s like the strength replaces the charisma.


Not to discount RDJ, but I feel like Evans had the tougher role to make work and I love him in Winter Soldier.


I think Will’s post was more a reflection on how awesome Captain Underpants is as opposed to a knock on Captain America.


I find Cap in the comics entirely uncharismatic, so it works for me.