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He’s behind Drax.


Poor Hawkguy.

It’s probably because @Jake is a fan and he shit talked about Marvel. :wink:


I like that everyone has their action faces on, except for Winter Soldier (White Wolf now I guess), who just looks like he has no idea what’s going on, and Don Cheadle looking at the camera in a “how did I get caught up in this” way.


There are some really badly photoshopped faces in there. Scarlet Witch is particularly awful.




Wow, Hawkeye has really changed since Civil War.


Thanks, Obama…


Also that he takes one from Loki, tearing up the USS Asgard only for Thor to be helped by the Guardians en route to Earth, the inevitable fate of Vision and that there is a big battle in Wakanda, which furthers an internet theory about where another one of the stones is located.



It does seem like they’re doing 3-and-done for their film franchises, but Ragnarok was so good and such a reboot for Thor that I hope there’s another, with the same cast and crew.

I am curious to know which characters are coming next; not sure there are any obvious ones that haven’t been done, if we also include the TV shows. I guess Moon Knight could be their Batman, and maybe Namor…? I’d love to see Agents of Atlas.


Is Hemsworth’s contract up after A4?

I think they will rely on Black Panther, Dr Strange, Spidey, Cap Marvel, and maybe Winter Soldier Cap as their tentpoles until they can recast Cap, Thor and Stark.


Evans will re-sign. Hemsworth will re-sign. Neither are silly enough (any more) to kill the golden goose.


I can see Hemsworth re-sighing, but Evans? Unless it was a negotiation tactic, he was pretty (I thought) about wanting to give up acting altogether soon and focus on behind the scenes stuff?


Somehow he changed his tune. Something about a ‘bank balance’?


If Marvel are smart they’ll rest Thor and give the FF to Taiki Waititi. The FF should be full of joy and adventure and feature completely crazy visuals.

I reckon Evans is done as Cap. Or Marvel is done with Evans. They kind of ruined Cap, making him more and more miserable with each outing.


Looks like Nick Fury will be having a tough time in the ‘Captain Marvel’ movie.;


That’s clearly a photo of him turning into a Skrull.


Eye do believe he will


Yeah, I’m pretty sure that the characters who have already had trilogies are going to meet an unpleasant end in Infinity War (or the fourth Avengers movie). There’s not much left to do with those characters, only so many movie release slots available, newer and successful properties to incorporate and probably the Fox bunch coming into play too. Ragnarok was great but it would up as an ensemble that, now freed from the Asgard setting, could carry on without Thor in the lead role.


It’s weird to put this at Evans’ door. It’s the whole movie that’s grim (except for a few bits around the middle that work best because you at least have some jokes), so Cap has to be, as well. Even Downey Jr.'s Stark is dour and serious, which is a bit of a first.

It’s just the movie the Russos wanted to make. I think they’re great at filming actions, and good directors overall, but they just didn’t manage to figure Civil War out, probably because it just wasn’t the time to make this movie in the first place.

So, I hope Infinity War doesn’t have the same problem, because it’ll have a clear plot and an antagonist to drive it, and focus on the action other than that.