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Okay so see this thing here

Why doesn’t Marvel add as part of the entry that you find a comic book store by going to or

Receive an entry code from the store and go in the draw to win a prize.

No purchase necessary. Just go in a store.

I wish they would be able to put ads for stores, hell even just the books!, before and after movies or at the very least say “ for more great adventures vist
But I’m sure there’s a legal cinematic reason for that.

I just can’t understand why the studio isn’t out there telling people “if you want more of this go to the stores today!!!”


Happy to see Vin Diesel in that photo, but disappointed that Bradley Cooper isn’t there.


I think this internet belief that Stan didn’t create anything and just stole the work of others is utter garbage and it only takes a slight review of history to admit Stan deserves a huge amount of the credit. There’s been various hit pieces directed at Stan that comic geeks have lapped up (because who doesn’t love a good victim story), but Stan has never done the same back to his early partners. When one party is throwing shit and the other says nothing, dollars to doughnuts the one with the grace and manners to not say anything publicly is in the right.


Agree with that, but making Stan Lee the be-all-end-all is not the right move either…

As you said in your previous post, I do believe Millar & Bendis (and some others) are actually more important than Stan Lee in terms of chracter growth to what they are today.

But you’re also wrong on Feige, I mean sure, idolizing him is stupid (like idolizing Lee) but I think he’s been pretty crucial for the whole MCU thing. A lesser producer wouldn’t have accomplished as much, I mean we should give props where they’re due.

I’m not particularly fond of all the RDJ ass-licking either btw… yeah yeah he’s cool, but he got lucky as well…


They should have had some dude in the back in a Deadpool costume and a Christmas cracker crown.


That is so cool it feels wrong to poke holes in it, but…

Stan should have been front and centre.


This seems to be the story they were discussing:


I thought this was cool enough to share. :sunglasses:

This is a prop one of my friends made for one of the Netflix Marvel shows. Watch the end, it’s worth it.


Shatty was always one of my favourite X-characters, particularly the Liefeld era. I’m more excited if that is Shatty as I still have issues with the casting and look of Cable (possibly my fave) in this film. Why the fash hairdo? Why’s he lean? Why’s he look so young? This was character that in the 90s was being suggested as being played by Clint Eastwood (who still would have been way too lean), in his 60s at the time.

Bruckheimer had that cachet in the 90s. Spielberg still has it - he as producer still gets films attention.


The 80’s were the most obvious era of the famous producer, Don Simpson & Jerry Bruckheimer and Joel Silver were out in front, developing big action movies that made them very rich, but fame is only part of it.

In the old studio system the producer had 90% of the power. That’s why the Oscar for Best Picture is handed to the producers of the film. The producers made sure it was that way when they established the Academy.

Power is more diffused now. The breakup of the studio system means directors and actors (far less so writers) have pushed to the front a lot more.

There are so many different kinds of producer as well, from the ones who develop the project from scratch all the way through to the vanity credit given to someone in place of extra money.

The job lacks a clear definition.




Hopefully they’re not going to pull a “no more mutants” and cap them off at 143. The Bendis X-run proper was far better than any of the 198 stuff.


Wow, that’s an old picture of Bendis. He’s lost a shit ton of weight since then.


Looking at that picture makes me slightly wonder if they based the look of Enoch in AOS on Bendis. It’s probably just a coincidence but they do look very alike.


Apparently it’s a Kitty Pryde movie, but I don’t know why that would be a secret.


Surprised none’s posted this… JR, you’re slacking :smile:


I’m just one man, dammit!


Sounds like a personal problem.