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What a Feeling!


I’ve only really enjoyed Venom as a foil for Spider-Man in small doses. But I get that he’s seen as cool by a lot of people.


They’re doing the divorced Brock thing, the Lethal Protector and Life Foundation stuff - there’s enough base here for a compact movie.

Although it is Sony, of all places.


Just as a matter of interest, how old is your nephew?



As I suspected. I think Sony could have a bit of a box-office problem if they’re pitching their horror movie at 10-year-olds.


Oh so true.

It’ll probably have a better half-life on video and on demand in that case.
As we all saw our first R-rated movies in that way, rather than in theaters.

Unlimited Access Library Video Rental Card. Woot.


Somewhere in the Sony offices there’s an executive shaking his head, thinking this should be the next Suicide Squad or Deadpool and wondering why audiences won’t love a Tom Hardy superhero movie starring a huge 90’s character. And yet this looks like a total loser. It’s the entirely wrong direction for a Venom movie.

Making movies feels like making a recipe - you can have all these ingredients that fans love, but unless you cook it in the right way you end up with BBQ cheeseburger ice cream.


It makes me wonder who they have whispering in their ear. Every studio could clearly use a tastemaker with their finger on the pulse of these things. Also, someone with a passion for a character (like James Gunn) makes a huge difference.

It never felt like Fox fully utilized Mark in that capacity. I hope Netflix does even beyond the Millarworld TV and film that he is directly involved with.


It could have been nonsense rumour but I heard from Kevin Smith’s podcast that Spider-Man would be in the Venom film.


Somewhere in the Fox offices there is an executive shaking his head wondering how we get Cable and Venom trailers in the same week but they can’t get Gambit moving.


Probably tangentially, like how Patrick Bateman “was” in The Rules of Attraction


I thought part of the agreement between Sony and Marvel was that Sony couldn’t use Spiderman in their other properties.


Divine intervention. He should be grateful.

The Spidey kid has no business being anywhere near a movie like this.


I wish they made a Kraven the Hunter movie with Hardy instead.


This looks like an action film, so how “horror” they make it remains to be seen (the same is true of ‘New Mutants’ at Fox, although their trailer went very Elm Street so it seems that they’re serious about the horror connection there).

A R-Rated, superhero action movie with the Marvel label on it and a Spider-man connection has a shot.

I agree that going with Venom is a sign of limited imagination regarding the characters that Sony has a access to. They don’t have a Feige, they have mainstream development executives who look at this in the same way they look at Smurfs or The Magnificent Seven.

It’s nothing special to them, they’re relying on people to tell them whether the character has potential.


That would be perfect.


You haven’t watched Taboo, have you? :wink:


Yeah that Venom trailer is extremely underwhelming.

They certainly should have waited till they had more SFX ready and spent more time cutting a trailer together that could at least introduce the main protagonist.

Honestly, it cost them nothing to put it on the internet so it’s not like they couldn’t of pulled it when they realised that what they had would be torn to shreds by the general public after it followed Superbowl ads, Infinity War, Solo: A Star Wars Story, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom and Deadpool.

Marvel should ask to have its name removed from this to be honest.


I’m still shocked that they didn’t go the Rick Remender route with Venom. The whole special agent Venom doing all of those crazy paramilitary missions with a ticking clock. As many problems as that run had, it was still a great retooling of the Venom concept and something much more fresh and interesting than Lethal Protector, especially when we’re talking about putting it up on the big screen. Eddie Brock and black goop? Sony you’re sending me to sleep here.