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Oh my. Feck, yes!

It really does.

Damn, we’re in a world where we’re getting a Cable movie by stealth!


Ben I think between now and release we should change the direction of every thread to have Cable dominate the discussion and celebrate the importance of Nathan Christopher Summers Dayspring Askani’son and his contribution to not just popular culture but the world.

It’s only Flonqing fair


I won that issue at Chuck E. Cheese when I was a kid! I drew that cover probably 20 times.

No idea where it is now, though…




Oooh glossy



Should’ve been a money shot. Otherwise…him shaking is just weird.


Yeah it needed more than goo in a tube.

Still, I’m intrigued so far.


Ugh, he’s going another voice for the Brock?


Yeah, I wouldn’t have minded Brock having an accent.
It really doesn’t matter.

But the voice he’s putting on it sorta weird.


I somewhat agree. I can see why they wouldn’t do it for the teaser trailer.

Was that Hardy narrating? The voice seemed really soft for him.


I mean, I like the rest of the teaser, it’s a teaser after all, but it just seems like a weird note to end it on.
If they weren’t going to show it, I’d have not included those bits.

And yeah it was him.


It’s enough of a victory that we can understand him.



I’m still confused as to why this exists and why Tom Hardy is doing it. I don’t mean to be the guy that puts down the trailer people are excited about, but a Spider-Man horror movie sounds awful and that looks like some crappy TV show.

(edit- Twitter is killing this trailer so it looks like I’m not alone)


I agree. I like Hardy though and am willing to at least give it a second trailer before I decide.


Because Sony is very desperate and has no idea how to exploit their Spider-Man properties without Marvel holding their hand every step of the way? Also, Sony is probably throwing huge chunks of money at Hardy so they have a “name” to hang this movie on?

And the trailer was very meh. The last shot of the teaser should have been black goop starting to cover him.


A Venom movie just seems like weird idea, especially without Spider-Man. I like Hardy and maybe they can make a cool movie, but I think it’ll have to have some stellar reviews to get me interested in it.


Venom is cool.
Hell my nephew still thinks Venom is cool.

Sony is trying to to find something that can grab a piece of that Deadpool/Logan R-Rated pie, and Venom is the closest they have to it.