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And the hits keep coming!!!


You may ask yourself ‘Am I right, am I wrong?’


And you may say yourself, “My God! What have I done?”


I’m not sure how I feel about another season of Jessica Jones especially with the hint that Killgrave is returning. I thought he was best when played as a boogeyman hiding in the corner. Once he was revealed and they started the whole catch him, lose him loop for the last half of the season, I really lost interest in that (the main) plot thread.


Dude! Making Deadpool a part of the 6-Pack is genius. I hope they at least do a small nod to X-Force #8. That’s one of my favorite issues of all time.


He was part of GW’s 6 pack in Cable and Deadpool (let’s say off the top of my head) # 7-9



Ah, I never read that material. Solo and Anaconda sound like bad choices. I’ve always liked Kane though. The cover of X-Force #2 is another all time favorite.


I can say with 100% confidence that I won’t watch it. She’s a horrible character, portrayed in a childishly simplistic manner and the story looks like an exercise in torture. Good travels to all brave souls who watch the whole thing, I won’t be joining you.


Kane got kinda shafted in Frank Tieris weapon X. Ended up becoming a govt stooge and wasn’t really recognisable. Pretty sure he hasn’t been brought back but fingers crossed.


More like Garrison LAME! amiright!!?!?
urgh shoot me


Yeah, Tieri really upped the “asshole factor” with Kane.


The trailer might not be giving the whole story but it feels like they’ve rolled back any character development in the first season and The Defenders.


Wow. That’s an awful design. The original design wasn’t perfect but it could easily be tweaked into something pretty cool.


Newsarama’s guess for the 4th guy from the left is Shatterstar.


Too early I think for that. A no name actor to play star? Wasted opportunity.
The six pack are cannon fodder for sure.


hum… it could be grizzly, fits his design… but it also could be shatterstar… and any rate, it looks like a stormtrooper spoof costume :smile:


a forgettable actor to play a forgettable mutant, sounds right to me.


That looks like it could be good…If you take out all the scenes with Deadpool :yum:.


I liked Shatterstar a lot in the Peter David run of X-Factor. The original Liefield creation… much less interesting, yeah. And at least visually, they’re going for the original Liefield look, it seems.