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Holy shit.




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OMG! - Is Murdoch still shopping?


How ‘Blade’ And ‘Spawn’ Paved The Way For ‘Black Panther’



I have seen the Black Panther movie described as “what if colonization never happened?” Obviously it’s also through a crazy sci-fi lens, but I thought that was a cool way of looking at it. And I very much doubt Stan and Jack were thinking in those terms but it’s a cool way to look at their original portrayals of Wakanda, too.


I think it’s more likely to be related to the sexual harassment allegations.

(Yeah, good job guys)


Somehow I doubt it’ll reach that potential fully… I do hope so though… but I thought that was the intention behind Wakanda all along, meaning showing what an African Nation would’ve been like without colonization, or any external influence for that matter…

It’d be definetly cool if the movie goes in that direction although I fear it’s a concept that’s hard to imagine for the westerners making this movie. That IS something that would motivate me to go watch it for exemple, so I’ll be curious to know to what extent the movie succeeds in that regard.


I don’t know, I think Ryan Coogler could probably imagine that concept just fine, of all directors. He seems to be a pretty intellectual guy.


While these are interesting theories I think it’s most likely related to the fact that he’s 95 years old.


I’m with Robert. When the heart skips a bit at 95, the wise man gets it checked out immediately. If nothing else, to laugh at the doctors!


Black Panther promotional display in China.


The production design of this movie looks amazing. Between this, Strange and Ragnarok, Marvel has really stepped up their game in terms of interesting visuals for their films. I hope Infinity War keeps this trend alive.



Feckin’ hell, that looks excellent.


Yeah. Marvel may be fumbling the ball with their current comics, but they are still scoring TDs with their films.

Can you tell I’m still in SuperBowl mode?


I still think this one will be flagged for too many men on the field.


Red Card!

…that’s football right?