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Or Jack Kirby.



Are these songs even gonna be about stuff happening in the movie? I think the Jay Rock song is just gonna be its own thing with some maybe thematic crossover with the film.


Stan Lee created Black Panther, Kirby just drew so no way it’s a reference to him.



The alt-right fan edit of Black Panther will be 8 minutes of Martin Freeman talking to nobody and then some credits.


Well surely Klaw would be the hero.


Don’t forget the Stan Lee cameo. Oh, wait, he’s Jewish. Never mind.


Martin Freeman has declared his endorsement of Jeremy Corbyn for Prime Minister and did a political broadcast for Labour so that’s out too as it practically makes him a Communist.


I’m looking forward to Panther, which is now 4 minutes of credits, heavily redacted.


The alternate title would have to be “MWPA (make wakanda poor again)”


Too late for a post credit scene of the President of the USA denouncing Wakanda as a shit hole, only to then actually see it for himself?




I also posted this in the Marvel Comics Thread:


It tends to happen a lot in very long, close marriages where one passes away and the other follows behind not long after. When I worked in Tesco there was a lovely couple who came in most mornings, very old but absolutely adorable. The wife passed away and the man continued coming down but you could see he was so heartbroken and that living didn’t mean the same to him. He passed away not long after. I guess the fight to be alive at that age no longer has the same draw. I thought of this when Stan’s wife passed away, he strikes me as someone who would be utterly heartbroken by losing her.

From here I can only wish the best for him.


What the hell have you done to that kid?!


I don’t know, he’s seen first hand how cool I turned out to be as someone who grew up loving superheroes.


I think we’ve found our winner. :wink:



Black panther definitely is a good touchstone for real world history lessons and culture!