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What was the last big one? Celine Deon for Titanic? (Again I am excluding Bond, I know Adele’s Skyfall was a massive hit). Things like Iron Man used an old Black Sabbath song and GotG have used old material but the new song for the film seems a bit of a dead art.

Love Me Like You Do from 50 Shades did very well:


I thought this one from Suicide Squad was huge? It certainly seemed that way with the young folk.


I think probably the biggest pop track from a movie over the past few years is Charlie Puth - See You Again from Fast and Furious. One of the biggest selling singles of all time I think. It was definitely in the charts for a fair amount of time in UK and I think it did even better Stateside (not to mention internationally).


Daredevil used a couple of Evanescence songs to good effect. The two ones that people actually know. I think the band had released them previously but the movie certainly helped get them a lot of attention.


For the first Hunger Games film in 2012 they released a very solid album subtitled “Songs From District 12 and Beyond” that was all-new material produced by T-Bone Burnett from artists including Arcade Fire (whose song played during the film credits), Taylor Swift, The Decemberists, Maroon 5, Kid Cudi, and The Civil Wars.


Suicide Squad is a good call, and the Guardians soundtracks are huge sellers, but I was thinking of a whole album of original material.

A lot of the examples of the single songs are good as well. I’d argue that Fate of the Furious, Suicide Squad, and Frozen all outperformed the actual quality of the movies partially because their big singles were so omnipresent.


In other news:

This doesn’t mean it’s going to do Avengers numbers (Dawn of Justice was the previous pre-sale champ), but it is clearly to going to be a monster.


When I got my hair cut this past weekend, I was talking to the young (i’d guess in her 20s) woman cutting my hair about movies. She has seen a lot of the Marvel and DC movies (she didn’t like Justice League). When I mentioned Black Panther, she lit up. She was so excited about it and couldn’t wait to go see it. I doubt she has ever read a comic book, much less a one featuring BP.

Unless the movie is surprisingly horrible, I can see this being a massive hit.


If we’re going anecdotal, my wife’s experiences with non-Guardians Marvel movies are as follows:

Thor: Fell asleep
Ant-Man: Got up and walked out of the theatre halfway in, said she’d meet me after
Civil War: Got up and left the room, saying “this isn’t even a real movie” on her way out.

And she’s asked me, unprompted, if we can go to Black Panther.

(Edit- I forgot, she also saw Dr. Strange, and liked it but didn’t love it)


Best review I’ve heard of it.


The first one or Ragnarok?


Unless the tv was off and she was hallucinating at the time it’s a factually wrong review.


First one.

Also my 10 year old kid who has zero interest in superheroes has also asked me to take him.

My only point is that BP has superseded the brand and become something that everyone has to watch to be part of the cultural conversation, and it isn’t even out yet.




Oh well thanks Kendrick Lamar, I’ve been trying really hard to remain spoiler free :frowning:


My wife’s the same way. She has almost zero interest in superhero movies, the only one she’s felt strongly about is Thor: Ragnarok (she’s seen the Guardians movies, Avengers movies, Civil War, and 1 or 2 others), but she wants to see BP for this very reason. I wouldn’t say she’s pumped for it–her interest in superheroes, and action movies in general, is so low that I don’t think she ever has high hopes for them–but she knows it’s a big cultural moment and wants to be there for it. She didn’t feel the same way about Wonder Woman, fwiw.


I must say I appreciate Suicide Squad and moreso Kong: Skull Island for making John Fogerty more money.

Personally, I would have had the boy play a fresh version, but that’s just me.


No way at all it refers to T’Chaka. Nope, it’s clearly a reference to T’Challa.


Maybe it’s referencing Martin Luther King Jr.


Or Burger King