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I’m sorry. I know that you are devoted to your kids but it sounds like you are just doubling down on torture. my condolences if you want them.


About three thousand people work on a big movie by the time it’s finished, and a lot of them are VFX.

Marvel run their films as a rolling production process, so they’re developing further films while filming some and post-producing others. Lucasfilm (also part of Disney) do something similar with their Star Wars films, Warner Bros really were the first to work that way with Harry Potter.

They’ve got studio space booked for a decade or more, and crews who move from one film to the next as they come down the pipeline.

There can be gaps, and people will come and go over the years, but it’s a machine in many ways, which is very different to most franchises.

It can be years or even decades between sequels sometimes (Bad Boys 3, if it gets made, will be more than 15 years after Bad Boys 2!) so this production line isn’t the norm at all.

But it’s working out well for them so far.


The new Ant-man was exactly what we needed last night, a fun just over 90 seconds teaser.


Yes, this is what I was thinking of indeed, the factory, conveyor belt element to how Disney/Marvel make their movies, it could be a struggle to stretch the workforce (or at least the tried and tested workforce the producers use).

I imagine that proving four movies can be on the production line (including Ragnarok) to be released within the space of a year keeping budget and quality in line and simultaneously proving they can all be successful on release has been a massive undertaking and Ant-Man will very much determine whether it’s viable to go to 4 movies per year.

I’m pretty sure they’re golden.

In any case I do firmly believe that July is MCU’s spot for films more aimed at kids, hence Ant-Man, Feb/March is more geared to ‘millenials’ with Black Panther and Captain Marvel settling into that Deadpool space. May is the space for Team-ups and November is for the quirky stuff.

While I don’t necessarily think they will stick comprehensively to that, they do like formula, so if that is a formula that works I really hope we see a Fantastic 4 film in Fall 2022 :grin: Black Widow in two February’s time would also be nice. :grin::grin: And Maybe Hulk/Wolverine not long after some Easter in the next few years. :grin::grin::grin:


It was to put on my son’s MP3 player. :slight_smile:

(But still, I like it.)


I dunno. I tend to get a lot of pleasure out of things that I do because my wife is interested in them. I’m sure if I had kids, I would enjoy doing stuff for/with them too.

I really like watching cartoons with my nieces and nephews. There’s some really great stuff out there.


Yeah, I’m surprised it was a “teaser”. Felt like a lot of content.
Not complaining though.


Teen Titans Go! is one of those great cartoons that I watch because I have to but genuinely enjoy in its own right too.


For my pals in the states as its geoblocked in the uk, heres a first look at Legion Season 2


Jermaine is still looking cool.


There’s a UK accessible one;


Some serious BP promotion in places that MCU don’t usually see.

Edit: On my phone and can’t get second link to show a preview but it’s Glamour Magazine


I meant I had to download the song because I love it.



That soundtrack is going to be fire.

I’m sure this isn’t the case but it feels like the first pop soundtrack album to a superhero film, featuring original music anyway, since the Raimi Spidey days. I think it will even effect the box office, keeping the movie front in mind for quite a while.

I saw somewhere that it’s tracking as high as $140 million over the three day weekend in NA. My God.


Man, James Blake is everywhere these days.

EDIT: Did some Googling–Yugen Blakrok, Babes Wodumo, Sjava, and Reason are South African artists. I know some were hoping for African artists on the album. I also read that the film’s composer, Ludwig Gorannson, recorded with Senegalese and South African musicians for the score.


It’s something I hadn’t thought about, but the ‘song from the film’ (Bond apart) has kind of disappeared.

Pop videos may have faded away a lot from TV but they get masses of views on Youtube so you’d imagine there’s marketing value there still.


I dunno. Amazing Spider-Man 2 had a bunch of original songs on its soundtrack, with the main one by Alicia Keys and Kendrick. I can’t think of any instance since then though, aside from the few original songs Suicide Squad had in their soundtrack.


It’s still there but not necessarily in areas we would be exposed to it - Fast and The Furious and 50 Shades films lean hard on that sort of thing among others, but if you aren’t following the artists or big into the charts enough to youtube the videos you’d never really notice.


Yeah but even then did they sell them? I can remember the Prince singles from Burton’s Batman, MTV in the 80s and 90s was half film clips in the videos. I’m sure they used good music but I can’t remember what track was meant to lead any of the Spider-Man films.

What was the last big one? Celine Deon for Titanic? (Again I am excluding Bond, I know Adele’s Skyfall was a massive hit). Things like Iron Man used an old Black Sabbath song and GotG have used old material but the new song for the film seems a bit of a dead art.