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If you think that movies aren’t comics then why did you choose an analogy that equates the two? :slight_smile:

Movies are different to comics, I agree. Even the most popular superhero movie franchises like Iron Man or Avengers would become tiresome and run out of steam if they came out every year, let alone every month.

That’s why Marvel needs to keep changing things up and keep a good balance of movies in the mix. Last year it was Guardians and Thor playing up the cosmic side and Spider-Man providing something more grounded and ‘small’. Ant-Man is serving that function this year.


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Not surprising, but:

Feige added that any chance of seeing the X-Men being integrated with the Avengers would be years away. Marvel Studios has announced everything through 2019, and there are a number of unannounced projects slated for a couple years after that.


Of course, as we all know, he’s just (rightfully) hedging. Spider-Man was incorporated pretty late in the development game of civil war, and they were completely ready to do a version without him. That being said, there’s no realistic way it could possibly happen before a stinger on infinity war 2 at the earliest.


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A Spidey movie has a billion dollar potential. This thing should top out around $600 mil. If even that. Considering the limited spots Marvel has it feels like a waste.


Ant-Man always seemed like a weird property for Marvel to focus on. Without Edgar Wright it never would have happened. They probably would have been better served trying to squeeze in that long asked for Black Widow movie. That said, I enjoyed the first one and will probably enjoy this one. Just won’t be one I rush out to see like with Black Panther, Infinity War, or Captain Marvel next year.


I agree it feels like a bit of an odd property, but I think that might be coming at it from a comics fan’s point of view with knowledge of the character’s C-list status in the comics. I think the first movie won over a lot of people, so I expect there to be an audience for this.

I also agree with this point:

I think the tone of the first movie skewed fairly young (especially compared to some of Marvel Studios’ other films), but it was right for the character. It also made it one of the few MCU movies I was able to enjoy with my kids.

They liked the imaginative shrinking action scenes in the first one a lot, so stuff like that Pez dispenser gag or the shrinking building in the new trailer feels perfectly judged to me.


I do have to agree that I think Ant-Man will do very well in the kids market - for one being the Purge movie out at the same time is R Rated and it’s 4 July weekend and another being that at this stage Marvel just has clout, full stop. After Avengers 3 I imagine people will be quite desperate to jump into the next serving, no matter what it is.

I’m actually very surprised we aren’t seeing something in November, I do believe if Ant-Man does well we’ll be moving to 4 MCU films per year, there’s a stretch of about 9 months coming that’s unfilled, if they can put out 3 movies that all do well in 6 months I don’t see why they wouldn’t push to 4 per year.


My boy is going to be super excited for this.


There will, at least, be an X-Men movie in November. So, a Marvel movie of sorts. They’ve also got the animated Spider-Man movie out in December.


My kids too. We’ll definitely be seeing it at the cinema.


I’ll be thirding that, my son has it on endless rotation on Netflix.


Yep. It’s looking like a fun adventure movie with some creative use of the size powers. I’ll be surprised if it doesn’t do well.

I mean, look at Jumanji.


Does that mean you have “The Night Begins To Shine” constantly stuck in your head too?


I had to download that song. I know all the words to it, as I’m sure you do as well.


If we had only known we had that power when we were children!



This is true, but as neither are connected to the MCU it’s hard to equate them as part of what Disney are currently doing as far as how many MCU films they have filming at one time, which is a lot of the issue - There’s a lot of crew on these films and I imagine the MCU producers have them incredible stretched as it is. To keep the same quality the bills may rise so part of me has been thinking that putting out 3 MCU movies so close together has been a test production wise, too. @steveuk would know a bit more about how that would work but I do assume the Disney try and stick with the same effects teams for MCU movies as much as possible.

I also fourth Teen Titans Go!, my nephew loves it and has been talking about the movie for a while now.


Yep. I had to download it too. :slight_smile: