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After with longer flashbacks I think. So Earth will survive the first infinity war film in some shape or form, I’m assuming with a change in reality/time to bring Captain Marvel and the Skrull in.


I didn’t like the first Ant-Man film. This trailer does nothing to get me excited. More of the same seems about right. :sleeping:


Ant-Man & Wasp looks like it’ll be fun if you enjoyed the first one. I did, so I’m sure I’ll have fun with this. That said, I’m not too picky with my Marvel movies. Even the “bad” ones I’ve managed to enjoy for the most part.


One of my main problems with Ant-Man was that keeping Hope out of the suit felt contrived, so that’s dealt with at least.

And the origin stuff is dealt with, so that’s good. I’m not sure how well they’ll integrate the microverse stuff with Janet into the overall plot though.


Is Lupita Nyong’o too young to play the Empress in an adaption of Millar’s comic?


Oh I’d completely forgotten about that… Yeah I’m appy to at least see him be there, but let’s wait and see what they do with him… Also, meh on Randall Park… I hope he’s good and funny, otherwise I guess they can always re-cast =P



To kind of build on this:



Hard to believe the studio that gave us the Ragranok and Black Panther trailers gave us that SyFy channel boring assed Ant Man trailer. My guess is it’ll be the lowest grossing Marvel movie yet. I don’t know why they made this movie.



I agree it doesn’t look good. When they announced it I thought they were going to do something more fantastic with the concept, and I was surprised to see generic-looking car chases and kitchen fights along with stale jokes. I guess having a woman co-headliner is the big new thing for them and partly the reason they made it. Even though it’s ridiculous that it took them 16 movies or whatever to get to that point.

However I think it will make a bunch of money, or at least the standard superhero $650-$750 million. Partly due to interest in the character and brand, and partly due to competition. A quick look at late June and July releases:

6/29- Sicario 2 (loved Sicario but this is a summer film?)
6/29- Valley Girl (title says it all)
6/29- Uncle Drew (starring my man Kyrie Irving, not sure what they expect this do though)
6/29- I Feel Pretty (Amy Schumer comedy, weird that this and “Valley Girl” are on the same day)
7/4- The Purge (this franchise sucks)
7/6- Ant-Man
7/13- The Nun (I love the Conjuring franchise but horror won’t eat into a Marvel film)
7/13- Hotel Transylvania 3 (this franchise is awful but there are few kids films— last one made $473M global)
7/13- Skyscraper (looks generic but stars the Rock so it will do his usual business)
7/20- Atila: Battle Angel (looks interesting but has “bomb” written all over it)
7/20- Mamma Mia 2 (this should do well but again won’t eat into a Marvel film)
7/27- Mission Impossible (reliably solid franchise if not world-beating, last one did $673M)
7/27- Teen Titans Go (for fans of the cartoon series only)

That’s the whole July slate! Incredibles and Jurassic Park are both earlier in June, and obviously many big movies have moved to winter/spring or the holidays, but still…Hollywood could be taking a bath this year. And Ant-Man does seem to have a wide berth here.


Honestly, the only things that stood out as bad in that trailer were its connections to Civil War, in a perfect world Civil War wouldn’t have encroached on it, and the little girl’s line about “needing a partner” - just too on the nose and blunt. Hope that latter bit is just for the trailer.


For these guys:


That white guy was the bomb in Gotham


The trailer didn’t do much for me. I found the first one charming, if forgettable. I viewed it as a kids’ movie, which is what I’m pretty sure this one will be. I’ll watch basically anything Paul Rudd does, so I’ll probably see this once, like it okay, and then forget all about it.


Marvel Comics have historically always offered a fairly wide range of different characters and settings for their books, which I think has always been a strength. It means there are lots of different flavours to choose from, and books don’t all feel the same.

It feels like they’re doing that with their movies too. So rather than seeing the more grounded Ant-Man as lesser than Infinity Way or Black Panther because it’s less fantastical or epic-looking, I actually think it’s a good thing that will help keep their movies fresh and distinct from one another.

I never disliked Spider-Man comics because they weren’t as outrageously cosmic as the Fantastic Four or Thor, and I don’t think movie audiences will take against Ant-Man for similar reasons.

Rather than it looking like a misstep, I think it shows how conscious Marvel Studios are that they need to keep providing that variety and making sure that their movies don’t all feel the same. Ant-Man and the Wasp looks like it will be a fun change of pace after the bombast of Infinity War.


Movies ain’t comics. Imagine Marvel only published 3 comics a year, and one of them was Ant Man!


If Marvel only published 3 comics, I wonder if people would finally read them.