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Looks like the yellowish arm was actually green and the Hulk.


The hulk must have been skipping arm days.


I think it’s the angle. This is from the link above.


It really bothers me that the upper part is crooked… also: it looks quite disgusting… :smile:


Geeks need to settle down, I don’t see any of that stuff in this cake.






I smell a huge paywall coming.


It should be noted this also happens with kids cartoons all the time. The market is ever quickly churning and they just restart. There’s mostly been a Spider-Man cartoon since I was born but redone and restarted several times.






Well… the pre-superpower interaction is very boring. I know we’re all there to see the VFX kick in, but the actors are doing all the work before that. The script isn’t helping them at all.

Maybe I’m being too demanding, I want this to work.


Yeah, same impression for me. The dialogue was quite wooden. If this is representative of the series, I doubt it’ll go over well, which would be a shame.


I think it’s likely that the people making the series were treading water a bit, until they could introduce the super powers.

They know they have to lay some foundations, introduce people, set up the day to day life of the characters etc., but that’s not what got them interested in making the series.

And I think that shows.

But yes, if that’s not the case, then it’s going to be a slog to watch.


Yeah, but if you can’t make the mundane interactions fun, you know you have a problem. This is a big part of what made Joss Whedon’s shows attractive - even when nothing was happening (yet), the character interactions were great. Rob Thomas, of Veronica Mars and iZombie, is also very good at this.

It’s hard, or more people would be doing it more successfully, but it’s essential to this kind of show.