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It’ll never work with “EDIT POWER” Dave. :wink:


And you even went to the trouble of editing your quote within my post!

This guy’s good.


Fans plural? There’s that many of them? :confused:


Avengers 4 has wrapped shooting.


Wow. That’s a hell of a cake.

Is that Hela’s hand coming up from underneath? Is it possible that she will be Death in this incarnation? What is the yellowish thing on the other side?


Pretty sure that’s Black Widow’s hand. The bracelet looks like her stinger.

It’s an insane cake, though the irony is it’s probably disgusting since fondant usually tastes terrible.



I had thought that too but thought there was green fingernail polish. Now I see that it might just be where they finger is digging into the piece of the cosmos.

Agreed on fondant.


One of the Infinity Stones, presumably - there are others all over it.


I meant the thing holding up the other corner of the stage Thanos is standing on. It looks a bit like another arm but appears a bit jaundice.


Oh, sorry, I misunderstood.

There are three arms there, aren’t there? The red/maroon one behind Black Widow and that yellowish one.


Pretty sure it’s a penis


There’s 4 I think actually. You can see the edges of claws in the back as well. Seems like it’s a combination of the Avengers and Thanos’ henchmen holding him up.


Already looking forward to Avengers 4: Infinity Condom.


Lorcan, Dr Freud will see you now…



I see the other arms now. It looks like Vision and Black Panther which makes the yellowish one still a bit weird. Maybe it’s flesh colored and the lighting is just off.


I just feel sorry for the guys having to hide under the table and push their arms through.


He, it’s a living.