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What he said.


I haven’t complained about the Last Jedi… you’ll know when I complain about it :stuck_out_tongue:


‘X-Men’ Shake-Up: ‘Deadpool 2,’ ‘Gambit,’ ‘The New Mutants’ Get New Dates

Fox is shaking up the release schedule of its X-Men movies, giving Deadpool 2, The New Mutants and Gambit new opening dates.

In what is sure to be a treat for Deadpool fans, the highly anticipated sequel to the 2016 Ryan Reynolds smash is being pushed up two weeks, from June 1 to May 18.

The move put the action comedy against Sony’s Slender Man but, more importantly, has it opening one week before Disney’s Solo: A Star Wars Story. It’s a strategic play as even second weeks have been exceptionally strong for Star Wars movies. (The Last Jedi earned a big $71.5 million in its second weekend in December.)

The New Mutants, Josh Boone’s horror-tinged take on Marvel’s teen heroes, gets pushed back 10 months. The movie, which stars Anya Taylor-Joy, Maisie Williams and Charlie Heaton, is jumping from April 13 to Feb. 22, 2019.

Insiders say one reason for the change is for the studio to avoid having an overlap with X-Men movies in certain overseas marketplaces, where Mutants and Deadpool 2 would have been in theaters at the same time.

Finally, Gambit is seeing its release date move from Feb. 14, 2019, to June 7, 2019. The Channing Tatum vehicle just lost its director — Gore Verbinski exited Thursday — and the search is on for a replacement.

But studio insiders believe the project, which is described as having a heavy comedic tone revolving around a heist, will do better as a summer Marvel movie.




This seems more likely.


Maybe they just move it forward without intent to finish…and to end the X-movies with the Phoenix movie and reboot under Marvel studios?


I really don’t think Deadpool had anything to worry about from Solo. Sucks about New Mutants, though. I was really curious as to how that one would turn out. Much more interested in that one than the Phoenix movie, really. 10 months is a long delay and doesn’t bode too well.

I think it’s time they gave up on the Gambit movie.


It’s happening just as the Jim foretold


Here’s the release date 16 months from now but there’s no director, which means there’s no-one to approve the casting, the script or the filming details. Poor Gambit fans being led on like this.

I think they meant to say stupid rather than strategic.



eeew why are they bringing back that godawful costume??? u_u


It’s the digital markes. They make it look tawdry.


Why? Deadpool seems to have more going for it right now than a non-episodic Han Solo movie without a young Harrison Ford in it. Maybe Disney will finally decide to move Solo to December as with all their Star Wars movies.


The main point is they are moving it up before Solo rather than after. It’s competing either way but it makes sense to me to have a clear week against whatever the hell Slender Man is rather than a Star Wars movie (cue Slender Man becoming the next Avatar with $3bn take :smile:) . Whether it be good or bad a Star Wars film tends to suck up all the attention in the room.

That move makes sense but I do think the Feb slot is good for that kind of film. It’s a time of the year for crappy weather in most of the northern hemisphere, nothing much else to do, not much competition.


A horror movie based on an internet meme. Seriously.


I can’t wait for the movie of “fewer”.


I expect Slender man to be as shitty as the emoticon movie… and make even less money. Or who knows… idiotic horror movies can become suprising hits, I suppose that’s why they keep churning hundreds of horror movies each year… :smile:


Mainly they are cheap. Horror movies have the best spend to profit ratios in the business. They’ll never win the annual number one but if you can spend $15m and make back $250m worldwide I’ll be your friend. :wink:


I’ll happily be your friend if you’ll give me $15m and only want $250 in return. :slight_smile: