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Keep the same costumes?


That would have made the fight at the end of Civil War really confusing


Good guy fights bad guy. Drama. Twist or two. Possible ambiguous ending.


vague teaser for upcoming movie.


The story is hitting the main news. From the Independant.

Black Panther most anticipated Marvel film ever according to advance ticket sales


Yes, and that’s my point… I’m really not feeling motivated to move my butt to the cinema for this one so far… I mean Doc Strange was déjà vu all over again, but at least it had pretty pictures to goad me =/


You also get the bonus, as with Star Wars, that you can save the time and money by not going and then still complain about how you didn’t like it. Everyone wins. :smile:


In fairness, you save even more time by complaining about how terrible it is before it’s even come out.


Maybe we should design an app to automate the process.


It needs to incorporate the blockchain!


It may need to incorporate “first round the post” or it may not work properly.


I think first round the post is a soccer training exercise. :wink:


So shocked…


I did not see that coming!

Oh wait, I actually did. Nevermind.



Alright, “We Are” isn’t that bad of a tagline


When did “Director” become a temp job?


When we all started having so much information about projects that were so early in development. :wink:


The 1920s?