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well I’m sure they’ll use the 20th FOX (or however it’s cerrently called) movie-making machinery… I mean it’s not like they’re gonna fire all the people who work there… They could ramp up the MCU movie slate if they want to, I reckon…


I don’t think it is even approached that way. Take it more from the Fox perspective - yes the deal could possibly not go through, it most probably will but you are legally constrained in how you can collaborate until it does.

When it does there will be layoffs as roles will get duplicated. Cancelling projects now hastens the day you could become dispensible. Get them into development now and you’ve pretty much delayed that 2 years or whatever until it’s done.


It’ll be 4 Marvel movies total per year including Fox, Disney and Sony. 1 movie every three months to maximize box office runs. There’s 5 this year, might be 5 next year but I reckon no more than 4 a year after that.

I wonder if even the most hardcore fan will eventually get tired of these movies.


There’s a possibility they won’t. It is a new model for cinema to churn stuff out much faster, since Harry Potter moved to 18 month intervals instead of 3-4 years. Now we keep accelerating more with a Star Wars film 6 months after the last etc.

Admittedly it’s a bigger commitment to go to the cinema, time and money wise but people watch 200 episodes of Doctor Who or Star Trek and don’t get bored of the content.

The bigger question is really the cost and commitment as long as they keep the quality to where it is now.


This looks to bode well for Black Panther:


That is certainly encouraging. Ryan Coogler has directed two of my favorite movies of the past several years, so to see him on the precipice of delivering a huge hit like this makes me incredibly happy.

If this has a domestic opening of over 115 million, I wouldn’t be surprised.


At this point there seems to be no negatives, it’ll easily get a decent set of reviews… I’m not saying I don’t trust reviewers to be impartial straight up, but I can’t see it being panned. It’s not a movie that’s going to be easy to hate on unless it’s truly awful, and trusting Marvel and the Director, I heavily doubt that.

It’s just all positive buzz mixed with popular culture and hip hop juice, it’ll be exciting to see just how well it comes out of the gate.


Yeah, it’s hard to imagine Black Panther being less than decent. Coogler’s a pretty great up-and-coming director, the cast is phenomenal, and Marvel seems to have the formula down to give audiences at least an entertaining flick.


Civil War made 1.2 billion so if this is ahead of that pace…I don’t expect it to do better but it does raise the ceiling.


No way this crosses a billion. They’re just setting themselves up for disappointment if that’s the expectation.

I feel they cast the leads in the wrong roles. I’d love a Michael B Jordan Black Panther - even in the trailer he looks like the best part of the movie. This soft spoken, weird accent kind of aloof portrayal from Boseman isn’t very engaging. I’m going to be rooting for the villain in this movie.


Obviously I’ll have to reserve judgement until I’ve seen it, but I’m not sure it’s a casting issue so much as a story issue. Black Panther is a king, so he’s going to be more diplomatic and reserved. Jordan’s characters gets to cut loose. I feel like either actor could have done well in either role, but the villain might always be more engaging just based on the characters.


Seems to me to be mostly attitude about money. Somehow it no longer became okay to make a solid product and make a tidy profit. Somehow if it isn’t “biggest” or “earned most” it’s a failure!

Horse pucks!

Not losing every cent you have, going into debt, and being blackballed from the industry forever is a success!!! Yes! One more time - I grew up in Hollywood. Let me expand, everybody was in the industry at some level! Most people, crew and talent, just want to work. All productions are iffy. One never knows whether the whole thing got cancelled in the middle of the night. Folks just want secure work. And then there’s the Studio Suits. They own stuff. They dictate policy. They are every bit as abysmally stupid as any other human, they just have money. They make decisions; some good, some hideous. Not ever logical! If logic were involved, the question of why it’s so hard to make good movies would have been solved long ago,

It’s greed.

For the love of money is the root of all evil. And The Last Jedi.


The newest ads certainly makes it look like Boseman gets to cut loose and have some fun too though.



And it only took them seven months since Wonder Woman came out.


Oh man, I can’t believe that headline that says something may be happening is 100% real.



That’s the character; he’s Batman but with a much better handle on his rage. Cocky badboy wouldn’t work for him. I find Boseman very engaging and going by the buzz, a lot of fans do, too. We’ve already had a substantial chunk of screentime to judge him by, after all.

Boseman in CW was aloof but also wise, graceful, confident. I thought he exuded a very different kind of charisma from what we’re used to, and I think it’s something fans will respond to. Boseman as T’Challa is just cool; the kind of cool where the guy knows it so he doesn’t need to try, it just comes out in his posture and the way he talks. I think it’ll encourage audience identification in a different way from the flashier Iron Man, Thor, Star-Lord types. It’ll be effortless whereas they’re always working to work to reel you in.

Not many actors could pull this off but Boseman’s one of the best Marvel’s got–I wouldn’t be surprised if this movie cements him as THE best–so I’m not worried one bit about audiences being turned off by him.

I hope we see more little moments like the secret handshake with his sister from the trailer. That bit puts a smile on my face each time I see it. The movie’s brother/sister dynamic seems like it could be really cool. Superhero movies haven’t really done siblings who get along and inspire each other before. As a big brother to a younger sister, I’m really looking forward to it.


Well my big problem remains, I’m not sure what the movie is about =/

But from what I could discern from the trailers it seems it’s basically gonna be Iron Man 1… again… u_u

Kinda getting tired of watching the same movie but with different costumes.


You do know there is a radical solution to that… :wink: