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The Black Panther spot after that Kendrick performance on TV was awesome. A good look at Klaw in action which I don’t think I’ve seen yet.


I’m so pumped for Serkis playing a live-action role in a movie I actually want to see.


Monica Rambeau, anyone?


More footage, so if you’re avoiding spoilers, don’t click. :slight_smile:


huh I liked that song a lot more than in the others… that one feels like it’s something you would hear at an african disco. Hope there’s more of that…

However this is yet another trailer that hasn’t really told me anything about the movie or why should I care… everything I’ve seen about this has been basically “oh look, the same old tired SH shit, but with black people” =/


The thing that really strikes me about the last couple ads for this, and especially this newest one, is that everyone, even the villains, seem to be having fun. There’s lots of smiles, laughs and bravado. There’s no sense of dour seriousness at all.



The next Marvel mutant on the docket may very well be Kitty Pryde, the character previously played by Ellen Page. According to a new report, Deadpool director Tim Miller is developing a film based on the mutant hero and frequent X-Men team member — a fairly exciting prospect for a few reasons.

Despite exiting Deadpool 2 over creative differences with Fox, it looks as though Miller’s relationship with the studio remains on good terms as the director is said to be developing a Kitty Pryde movie to join their growing arsenal of X-Men spinoffs. Collider broke the news, citing multiple unnamed insiders that claim Miller is currently developing — though not yet attached to direct — the spinoff project.


Seems a bit odd that they’re still developing x-men projects since there’s a good chance many of them will be null and void once they move over to Disney.


It’s a battle royale. EPCOT is a thunderdome.


As Miller directed possibly the most faithful comic book adaption this side of the Rocketeer I think Feige would want to get his hands on his skills anyway he can.

Wouldn’t be surprised if this stay’s in development for a while longer.



I hope so.


I’m down with more AoS.
Never bothered trying Inhumans. Just wasn’t interested and then friends told me I wasn’t missing anything.


Yeah, this is not going to happen. The story is just to fish for interest like so many of leaks do. Disney are going to be on a strict diet of 4 Marvel movies a year, and they have so many franchises at the moment I don’t see them having much room for a bunch more.

It’s crazy how many superhero movies seem to be in development but never go anywhere. The journalism on this shit seems out of control.


I know many don’t agree but I think changes will take quite a while to show through. This is a much bigger acquisition than Marvel or Lucasfilm, who were successful but smallish operations, nearly 15 times as big in cash terms. It’ll sit with the regulators for a good few months normally.

I remember with my last employer, we made lots of small software acquisitions which were pretty instant, when the last one merged with a major rival it was a different kettle of fish. It took 11 months from intention to completion at which time you can work on only a limited amount of synergy legally.

While you are still separate legal entities if you work too closely it can easily breach collusion and competition law, we were actually prevented in many cases from speaking to people from the other company until they closed. So technically if Disney suggest putting any plans on hold now from Fox they are breaking the law.


Warner Bros bought New Line in 2008 (how to make billions with ‘Lord of the Rings’ and still have big financial problems!!!) and gradually absorbed it, rather than turn it upside down overnight.

That doesn’t mean Disney will apply the same approach to the bits of Fox its acquiring, but it often makes sense to tread carefully.


Also, I suppse the deal could still fall through, so no harm in continuing their existing plans…


Also, let Fox spend the money now while Disney eventually gets the rights and the movie itself.


If Marvel Studios were to top out at 4 films a year, it may take years to get around to integrating the X-Men. In that case, I don’t see the harm in continuing the separate Fox-verse for a few more years anyway.