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Successful movies with black leads are still pretty rare. Yes we had Eddie Murphy and Will Smith, but it’s uncommon still. I think it doesn’t matters much in the US but I wouldn’t be so sure in Asia. That’s why I think this movie will have a disproportionate amount of US box office - much like Wonder Woman did. 50% US, 50% international rather than the usual 35%-40% US ratio. That limits the overall box office you’d be able to achieve. If this is the case and it crosses $300 million US that still only makes it a $600 million movie.

I also think Black Panther is about more than the black lead. This is an Africa movie, I think the first big budget Africa movie and maybe the first major movie that’s not making Africa this terrible shithole. Putting Africa front and center on the world stage has been a long time coming, and I hope this movie is good and captures the imagination of every Africa child.



I’ve been waiting for a good, solid movie set in Africa (the upper, jungle-y parts like in the Tarzan books, not the sandy hot stretches of desert) for a long time. Something that is not remarkable-person-overcomes-poverty, another tired trope. (Sorry, mostly, poverty kills.) I’m of a mind that the most likely place for a high-tech hidden land would of course be Africa. T’Challa’s intro in Civil War draws him as wise, thoughtful, with a bit of temper and thirst for vengeance that can and does get tamed. Is that true when he’s home in Wakanda and there’s a mouthy rebel? That’s what i want to see!

And, as melanin-free as I am, sometimes it’s good to watch something with no or few white faces!


So much wrong in so few words… u_u

I do agree with your assessement, even though part of what is sapping MY excitement for this movie is precisely the heavy use of rap. One, because I don’t like rap, obviously, but two, because I would’ve prefered a more “african” identitiy in the music, instead of “african amercian”, but eh…

I also agree with Jim’s assertion though, I think what he says will also play a role up to a certain degree. I mean, I just read somewhere that “WW is closer to an oscar nomination”… and I’m like, wow really? =/


Rap’s roots are African (via Jamaica via New York).


A lot of music roots can be traced to many places… modern rap is an american thing and that’s what it’s associated with.

Anyways, don’t want to get into it cause it’s gonna devolve into a huge controversial topic.



A soundtrack from African musicians wouldn’t have anywhere near the commercial heft of Kendrick, SZA, Vince Staples, they’re much more relevant to the audience Blank Panther is aimed at, it’s a pop movie at the end of the day. Also, like hip-hop, Wakanda is an American invention.


I think they are really aiming to take Wakanda past Africa or America - the design is futuristic and is supposed to be the link between Earth and the GOTG and Ragnarok worlds in terms of style.

Having said that, a lot of what Kendrick does pulls from African Rhythm as well as standard hip hop and can be futurist in terms of production style on the cutting edge so he’s pretty much the perfect choice.


I think it’d be great if they had used African music, but that was never going to happen, at least not in a big way. But if there are no African musicians at all on the soundtrack, that’s a bit of a missed chance.


I guess we can always pull out a copy of Paul Simon’s Graceland.


I think I would have liked it a lot more with African music.




Jeeez, just let the poor man gooo!!! :smile:

He got the best send-off movie he’s ever gonna get… Cast a new wolvie and get it over with… u_u





Future Man was a surprise hit for me. As in more hits than misses. Not the other way to use the word “hit”.


Cool. I enjoyed both shows so I’m happy to see them get a renewal.