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I don’t get any sense that this is going to be a “solo character” movie. From all of the trailers and posters it looks like a huge ensemble.


Yeah! It even has the Human Torch. How’s that for a Marvel Two-In-One?




It’s got no other big name Marvel characters in it, does it? No Cap, Tony, Spidey, Hawkeye, Hulk and so on. Every Marvel movie is ensemble, I’m talking about the big brand names.


OK I see what you are saying. I thought you meant it was going to be one of those movie where there’s just the lead, a villain, and a love interest.


I don’t expect it to be like Guardians where it’s a whole gang of leads. Or like Cap which is him and Bucky with Falcon tagging along. It’ll be more like Thor or Iron Man - Black Panther essentially in every single scene, with different cohorts filling different roles (loyal friend, kick ass teammate, comedy relief, redshirt, wise counselor and so on).


I’m not sure about the rest of Asia, but South Korea at least is looking forward to black panther, and not because some of the film is set in Korea. He fits the mold of what they like in heroes (rich, smart, badass), and the younger generations also fetishize what they see as American black culture a bit thanks to the peripheral influence of rap.


I’ll doubt it’ll be more than Ragnarok, but it should be close to.


I missed this before and I think this is a fairly cynical way of looking at things. People forget now that this whole modern superhero-movie era was started by a trilogy with a black lead.

I do think Wonder Woman caught a moment in the Trump and #metoo era where people were more open and hungry for a movie where a woman kicks a bunch of ass, and that some of its flaws were forgiven since it delivered this.

I’m not sure it’s a greater millennial trend however and definitely don’t think it will be the case with Black Panther. Black culture IS youth culture, and it has been at least since I was a kid in the Spike Lee/Jordan/hip-hop/Whitney-and-Bobby/Wesley Snipes/Will Smith 1980/90s.

Even the music acts they’ve associated with Black Panther—Kendrick, Vince Staples, Run the Jewels—look like 2017 Coachella headliners, a far cry from the stale 70s rock of Thor and Guardians. This movie will have a cachet that Marvel to date has lacked.



Don’t look, David Meadows! Don’t look!


Ragnarok is sitting at $850 million. Only 4 Marvel movies have crossed $900 million (it seems like more), and 3 of them are Avengers movies or de facto Avengers movies (Civil War).

For Black Panther to beat Ragnarok it will have to go where very few Marvel movies have gone. In the summer or holiday season I’d say no but I think it has a legitimate shot in mid-February, the same general release timing that saw movies like Secret Service and Deadpool far overshoot expectations. It’s looking at a solid month with no real competition whatsoever.

With that said, keep in mind I predicted Justice League had a shot at a billion.


To be fair, I think a lot of us did.


How much did JL end up taking?


Wiki says 652 million, on a budget of 300 million


$226M domestic, $650M worldwide.


That’s so, so bad. I thought the movie would for sure at least do WW numbers. BP will definitely make at least that, I think.


I thought ‘Justice League’ would do better, people love those characters, even people like me who didn’t like the previous two Superman films.

‘Black Panther’ has a shot at being another pop culture focal point. I also think it looks like a good film.


Too late :scream:


In all seriousness, I wasn’t sold on the BP trailer but couldn’t put my finger on what I disliked. With more thought, I suspect that the music did a lot to turn me off. It’s not a style I enjoy, and having it blasted at me in a cinema for the two or three minutes that the trailer lasted wouldn’t have put me in a receptive frame of mind for the movie.

But I’ve seen plenty of films that have had annoying music, so it’s not going to stop me going to see this.