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While you’re certainly correct, I did drop the Gifted suddenly… I did find it boring, for some reason =/


Probably by the weekend I’ll rewatch most of The Gifted. It’s on up against something else I watch so I’ve missed several eps, but it’s quite an okay hour. I like what they’re doing with Polaris. Kind of has the feel of the New X-Men era around Morrison time - nothing specific, mostly tone. May well be one better in a binge, Jon.



From the Black Panther soundtrack:


For @JRCarter:


I’ll be honest… I never thought I’d ever see this. I may wind up living at the theater if I like this movie. Seriously, I saw “Atomic Blonde” five times in the theater. I saw Scott Pilgrim and Kick Ass about four times.

If I like this, I will just put up a tent in that theater.


I think this movie is going to make more than people expect. More than Ragnarok.


In the US it should do very well. Internationally I’m not so sure.


I’m not sure about all of Europe but here and France at least, Kendrick Lamarr will get very heavy radio rotation and I think that’s the first time Marvel has had that sort of promotion. I can see it going very well for them on that basis.


Yeah, Kendrick is a huge get. Hard to think of a more popular rapper Marvel could tap right now.


Yeah, it’s a very big deal as it’s serious credibility - R&B and hip hop is primetime radio in UK and France in terms of specialist shows and they’ll be pushing the soundtrack hard before it even reaches the mainstream. You’re basically adding hip hop culture credibility to the film on top of the already credible cast and director and the Marvel stamp.


I was shocked they got Kendrick for that. Not so much that they asked but that he agreed to it. It feels like this movie could reach the perfect storm of hitting the F&F-like desire to see non-whites in lead roles, Marvel appeal, pre-infinity buildup, hip-hop cachet, Trump blowback, and so on, and I love the release date.

If the movie is any good it’s going to be raking it in.


He does feel like a cool superhero - a character who’s merchandise you can wear and not look like a 12 year old. And minorities are making up a larger proportion of cinema audiences in the US all the time. However, he’s still not that compelling a solo character - the Earth setting doesn’t have the flair Dr Strange or Guardians have. Chadwick Boseman didn’t play a fun happy-go-lucky character, he played a gloomy earnest character. It might do over $300 million US but I’m not betting on that - I think it’ll end up slightly better than most other solo debuts and end up around $250mil-$280mil. 40% domestic, 60% international would put it at the $625mil to $700 mil range. It’d really be breaking a trend with Marvel movies if it hit over $800 million.

I do get the feeling the audience wants this to be good, in the same way they did for Wonder Woman. It’s somewhat of a millennial cause, there’s more emotional investment to see diversity succeed and probably more tolerance for weaknesses in the movie (Wonder Woman had problems that wouldn’t have been tolerated if the lead character had been different I think). But I’m unsure if this is going to capture the spirit that fueled F&F and SS.


It is listed as the 2nd most anticipated movie of 2018, just behind Infinity War. It’s going to be another great year for Marvel/Disney, that’s for sure. But if Black Panther is any good, it will do great business. It’ll do good business regardless.


I think audiences respond to geniunely cool badasses with the same enthusiasm they do for happy go lucky characters. To me, BP seems to be selling the cool badass vibe its going for. T’Challa doesn’t seem dour, he seems confident and effortlessly cool. He won’t be a jokester like Star-Lord but that’s not the only type of lead that puts butts in seats.


Cool badass makes me think of movies like John Wick or Jack Reacher or Jason Bourne. Maybe Logan. Nothing that’s broken $300 million. The comparison is SS and F&F, does this movie have the secret ingredient those movies had?


It also describes Batman, James Bond, Neo, Vin’s character in F&F, Wolverine in the X-Men/solo movies. T’Challa will fit that mold–he’ll probably be less dour than those guys can be because he’s a pretty enlightened kind of guy–and then there’ll be some comic relief built up around him (I bet his sister will be a big part of that; Martin Freeman, too). I think the question is whether they can make him convincingly badass–Boseman’s performance in Civil War and Ryan Coogler’s direction in Creed makes me think they’ll succeed–and whether they can strike the right balance between a straight man lead and the humor audiences expect from a Marvel movie.



Good news about The Gifted. I hope it can get some solid word of mouth between seasons 1 and 2 and find a bit bigger of an audience.


The fact that it’s only 13 episodes per season has been a huge benefit. Unlike other series, it really maximizes each episode. There is very little, if any, waste to found.

It’s a fun and entertaining series that has captured the feel of an X-Men comic book.