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  • Insert Pink Panther joke here.


I had no idea Premiere magazine was still around


I’m shocked it’s a French edition that didn’t spell it Première


Caps don’t get accents usually… also: it’s obviously a foreign magazine =P


It’s killing them that they couldn’t call it Panthère Noire.



I saw the Black Panther trailer before Star Wars, and it really didn’t impress me.

I can’t put my finger on why. There was nothing in the trailer to _dis_like. But there was nothing that said “you MUST watch me” either.

I mean, I’ll see the movie because it’s a Marvel movie and there appears to be some exceptional talent on it, but if I was relying on the trailer to sell it to me I wouldn’t be going. It was just blah.


Whereas my Star Wars viewing today came with a preview of Avengers Infinity War, which had many scenes to recommend it.


I’m probably gonna skip BP, unless I read some insane reviews, because I’ve never been a fan of BP tbh.


I’ve never read any Black Panther comic, but the trailers look insane, that’s why I’m going to see it.


I suspect that will be true of the vast majority of the audience.


Actually, that’s the thing for me, the trailers haven’t really hyped me up…

Like, for exemple, I’ve never been a fan of Doc Strange either, but the visuals in the trailer alone hyped me up like crazy. Same for Ant-man in the sense that the movie sort of sold me on something visually different for that movie… But BP’s trailer so far only has the idea of a fantasy city (which is nothing I haven’t seen before tons of time) and some dudes on power armours… So yeah… nothing too exciting for me in there =/


Fair enough, it is subjective. I thought the trailers rocked. This might even be the most excited I’ve been for a Marvel pic, other than Avengers.



That’s weird. I thought The Gifted had been positively received.


Which may be why a deliberately contradictory opinion is being headlined, so people will click on it out of curiosity and/or outrage?

Just thinking there…


BLACK PANTHER has an amazingly talented cast of actors. And a director who made the Rocky saga relevant again. And it’s from Marvel Studios. Those are the only reasons I need to buy a ticket.


Well, that was a clickbait bullshit article.

It has been. A number of us here at MW really enjoy the series.

I think you are correct.


A more positive article about The Gifted: