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Random thought here, but as much as Kirby influenced cosmic comics at Marvel, does it seem that the cinematic Marvel universe actually resembles more of what Jim Starlin did while at Marvel? We’ve gotten Thanos and Drax and soon Captain Marvel and possibly Warlock coming down the road. I’m hopeful we’ll get a hilariously George Hamiltonesque Starfox at some point, too.


SPOILER WARNING: Aubrey Plaza Discusses Role in “Legion” TV Series


No @Todd. No! This is not on you. If @DaveWallace wants to fritter his life away having only watched the first episode of Legion, he deserved to have it spoiled! :smiley:


I wasn’t complaining - if I was that bothered I would have watched it already. :slight_smile:


Wesley, come on, bruh!


He barely showed up when the filmed the last one.

PATTON OSWALT: A lot of the lines that Ryan Reynolds has were just a result of Wesley not being there. We would all just think of things for him to say and then cut to Wesley’s face not doing anything because that’s all we could get from him. It was kind of funny. We were like, “What are the worst jokes and puns that we can say to this guy?” And then it would just be his face going, “Mmm.” “Smiles are contagious.” It’s so, so dumb. [Laughs.] That was an example of a very troubled shoot that we made fun. You have to find a way to make it fun.


So he’s like Brando?



Haven’t been anticipating a film more than Panther in a while.


Chadwick Boseman And Michael B. Jordan Star In Exclusive Black Panther Images



Thor Ragnarok is my favorite Marvel movie so far, but Black Panther looks like it might overtake it. I think it will be fantastic.


Boy what a stinky year in movies 2018 is looking like. Had a look at the slate and the only ones I’m genuinely looking forward to are:

Black Panther
The Predator
Isle of Dogs
Incredibles 2
Paddington 2 (which hasn’t opened here yet)
Aquaman (maybe)

Of course, a ton of movies I’m currently unaware of or disinterested in could turn out to be amazing, you never know. But a lot of the bigger names don’t really move the needle for me personally…Venom, Dark Phoenix, Deadpool 2, Ready Player One, Fantastic Beasts 2, Solo, Ant Man 2, Jurassic World 2, Pacific Rim 2, Wrinkle in Time, New Mutants. Feels like it could be a disappointing year.

Infinity War is basically looking at the competition like this:


With Black Panther, Deadpool 2 and Infinity War 2018 looks excellent to me. Ant-Man 2 could be excellent too, I loved the first one.


Whoops I thought I was posting that in the overall movie news thread, not the Marvel news thread. That’s why I mentioned all those other movies.


Is Halloween another remake? I assume it’s not another sequel to the Rob Zombie films as you don’t strike me as the type that’s into them.


It’s another direct sequel to the original.


It’s by director David Gordon Green and writer Danny McBride — the Kenny Powers/Vice Principals crew!

(It is not a comedy)

EDIT: I actually thought the Rob Zombie movies were OK, although I have no desire to ever see them again.



Hulk: And Now… The Wolverine is the film I’d like to see.

I’ll let Hulk explain the plot himself…

“First little man fights Hulk… and now he fights Hulk’s enemy? But if Hulk’s enemy is little man’s enemy… then little man is Hulk’s friend!” - The Incredible Hulk