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Yeah he does. I actually prefer DD S2 as it has more story to fill the time than the first one but that point of view seems to only be shared by some.


You can skip the later appearance tho… not that vital (the one after the prison, of course).

Also, I might be alone, but all in all, I very much prefered the Punisher in his DD2 episodes… I liked his series fine, but it all worked better for me on DD2, he’s a great antagonist and they really made that aspect work.


He’s the only Netflix actor and Character who would work on the big screen, having him in a Spider-Man or Black Widow or Captain America or Deadpool movie as part-antagonist would be awesome. Especially Spider-Man. Frank trying to kill Spidey in the action opening then ending up somehow helping him in the climax. A small but integral plot line that works for the ending.


What’d I tell you? :wink:

We finished episode 9 last night and are still loving it.


My son’s flatmate is a script supervisor currently working on Season 2 of IRON FIST, and he’s lamenting that all the filming has been taking place at night. Guess he never watched the other Marvel Netflix series.


Well, now, that just what the studio geniuses thought they should do when fans said they wanted to go darker. Concrete thinkers, that lot.


To be fair, broad daylight hasn’t been kind to most of the Netflix Marvel shows.


Maybe I’m missing something but the majority of the Netflix series were set heavily during the daytime. Even Daredevil, with its Faux Batman tone, was set heavily during the day. Courts aren’t open at night after all.




That court got shut down 20 years ago!


One of the best things about The Punisher is that they were able to keep it in the daylight. It gave it that political thriller ‘CIA on park benches’ sort of look, it was great.


I think it’s more to do with all the fight and action scenes shot at night or in a dark room to… i don’t quite know how to say it without sounding horrible… heighten the realism I’m gonna say.


So did Marvel Comics!

(On Earth-M)





Anything that reinforces our sense is a good thing.


Ya I really hate the embedded blurbs that cut off the title. I think it’s a clickbait technique.


It turns out that you may be…