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It’s my understanding that Feige set up offices for the directors at Marvel Studios and actively encourages them to communicate with each other.


How dare he try and co-ordinate activity! Doesn’t he know the way to make films is flying out on yer arse with no plan?


Right! The nerve of him!


You definitely get the feeling that the guys who are more deeply involved than making one movie are part of an idea pool.

Oh, God, and speaking of Gunn, I mean, I know he’ll probably have his hands full doing Guardians movies for like forever, but, you know, given his excitement over the X-Men coming to Marvel…

…can you imagine a James Gunn X-Men movie? Because I can, man. I can.



It’s SOP for the government to investigate large mergers like this.


Exactly. I’d be surprised if there was no investigation.


It is and should be. As mentioned before Disney may have already set up their sacrificial lambs.


AoS is only 4 episodes in and it feels like they are halfway through the season.


Rant time

We finally watched to the end of Luke Cage tonight.
Only took about a year to get there.

I had to talk my wife into ‘just finishing off’ with 1 and a half epsidodes to go.

I think Daredevil was very good and I enjoyed the slow pace of Jessica Jones, i actually grew to even appreciate it for the slow pace, which is not like me

However this was fucking brutal.

The first 5 or so episodes were great, really brilliant mix of music and television but went completely downhill and the last 7 episodes could have been
trimmed to about 2 or 3.

They really need to sort that out. It seemed to be the start of the real complaints for the Netflix marvel series, which by all accounts have partially redeeemed themselves, iron fist aside.

I’ve talked my wife into Daredevil, then I think we just skip iron fist and head straight to The Defenders.

I really just want to watch The Punisher more than anything but I’m afraid I’ll spoil something I have not seen in one of the other shows yet, well namely The Defenders and the last few eps of Daredevil S2, which I was enjoying a lot, but I was going to restart with my wife.

Anyway, back to the point, what a horrible drop off. Such a likeable actor and start to the series as well - did anyone not feel this issue with the 2nd half of Luke Cage?


Hell, I didn’t make it past ep 1!




I haven’t finished Punisher yet but it doesn’t seem to be incredibly connected to anything except Daredevil Season 2. It’s also much better than anything they’ve done in a while.


It’s got mostly nothing to with either, except a DD character showing up because they met in S2.

You could always watch the Punisher episodes of DD2 first, and leave the rest of the season for later… the first half is the good half anyways.



Personally, in my fantasy world, James gunn would do nextwave!


Yeah, those Punisher episodes in Daredevil season 2 establish this version of the character and his mission. The Punisher season is very much standalone but might work better having seen that prequel stuff first.


I think you have to watch Daredevil season 2. It’s pretty good though so it’s worth the time. Not as good as season 1 though. Not even close. But still watchable.

And you’re doing yourself a favor skipping Iron Fist. Defenders isn’t up to much either - you’ll notice hardly anyone ever talks about it.

I’m 4 episodes into Punisher and it’s quite good. Different from what I expected.



Ive watched the first half and thought the Punisher bits were great, even very moving at times.

But wasn’t sure if frank would appear again before the end of DD S2