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They already seem to be doing that with Captain Marvel though.


Deadpool, the TV stuff and, I’m assuming, New Mutants are practically set apart from the Fox X-Verse as it is. They could easily be re-canonized to be set within the MCU universe with very little work (unless Leigion has Patrick Stewart turning up for a cameo in season 2, that’s probably the only tie there).


I dunno, that just seems like she was off fighting in the Kree-Skrull war.

The FF could be elsewhere in space doing their thing.


But what of the Inhumans, Jim? Kidding! No one really cares.


Yeah, I mean, they’re space-and-time-and-dimension-hopping adventurers. They could even come from a parallel Earth originally and be stranded in ours.

Although really, there’s nothing that says they couldn’t just start fresh with them anyway. Unlike X-Men, you could easily start with a clean slate there; it’s not like there’s any FF stuff from the FOX universe that fans will desperately cling to.

But I could see why it’d be tempting to somehow get Fassbender Magneto and McAvoy Xavier into the mainstream Marvel U.


Too many world altering events happened in the Fox-Verse to just try and fold them in. Just in Apocalypse alone: the de-nuking of the world, Magneto killing a bunch of of people with that global magnetic effect, it’s just too much to hand wave into the MCU. It has to start over.

Making the FF and X-MEn’s presence secret or unknown could work. The MCU opened that bag of worms with Ant-Man and Captain Marvel.

Technically the Guardians of the Galaxy is this because it takes place in the past and only meets the present in Infinity War.

Particularly with the X-Men, Xavier, with Cerebro, could keep the X-Men a secret. Magneto is a wrinkle though. Chuck would have to be covering up for him to if they choose to go with a shadow history for X-Men integration.

X-Men could be the new Batman. (aka I thought you were an urban legend.)


Yeah, it’d be tough but possible. Personally, I wouldn’t try to go that route with the mainstream audiences.

An alternative would be the classic universe crossover. Have a collision of the X-Men-verse and the current Marvelverse because of some cataclysmic event, and then merge what survives.

It’s a possibility, but probably another one that comics readers are more accepting of than mainstream audiences would be.


Yeah I think mainstream would just walk away from that kind of thing. I’m sure Disney will want to remove themselves from the Fox preperties as much as possible - it’s not like the X Men meet the Marvel levels of success so they need to make it new and different if they’re to rely on an ongoing series of $800 million movies.


The concerns about over-consolidation of the media giants are legit, but most immediately, as a fan, I’m excited that I might get to see the FF — and Doom — done right. (For the record I think the Story FF was okay, just lackluster…but Doom was outright lame.)

The X-Men are less important to me. I think I would reboot (except Deadpool) but keep them separate anyway. I would allow these to be R when it calls for it, and when it doesn’t I’d still position them as a harder PG-13, to contrast against the safer MCU. Which is kind of how I saw the X-Men in the late 80’s early 90’s anyway.

Come to think of it, Fassbender could be a decent Reed :slight_smile:



I think we need a new thread.


That was totally my pitch a few years ago =P

And yes, it could still work… Fury could very well know about it, and even retcon it into one of the reasons he decided to create the “Avengers Initiative”.

Heck, Fury had the tesseract, aka the space gem… How about 4 explorers disappearing after a tesseract experiment gone wrong, then coming back with powers post-Infinity War…

Pshhh ez :smile:

Also, since the Inhumans got scrapped from the movie-verse (and honestly, who gives a shit about the ABC-verse?), they can just flat-out go with mutants.

I’d reboot the whole thing though, and use, once again, Fury to hand-wave any discrepancies. At least Sam Jackson would be happy =P

Aaanyways… is it a done deal? as in confirmed or not yet?


Again, that seems to be what they’re going for with Captain Marvel, that Fury knew about the threat of the Skrulls.


Well then there you go, it ties in beautifully then =P

Fantfourstic is a good template as to how retcon them into the MCU… which is to say take the Ultimate & classic versions and fuse them, and there you go.

IIRC in my pitch I had them get stuck in an alt-earth where Doom was a ruler ('cause let’s face it, Doom doesn’t really work otherwise), so that should be the first movie. After defeating him, they manage to get back home. As for how they got their powers, easy: They were experimenting with the tesseract, opened a portal which showed them all the nasty things lurking out there (skrulls,etc…) hence Fury’s decision to prepare. Then the 4 get sucked into the Negative Zone and get their powers (that could also be a movie), then they escape but end up on the wrong Doom-ruled earth.


Re:Deadpool. I would like to think that Disney is smart enough to know that diversifying is important. They could keep Fox/Fox Searchlight as-is and make that be the more ‘adult’ themed propery - homes for mid budged dramas and action movies, stuff for R ratings ala “Deadpool” or “Logan”, etc. They have to know that not every movie should be a blockbuster aimed at the masses, and that there is a sizable portion of the audience out there that would prefer a darker edge to their stuff. Any other method and Disney starts to cannibalize itself

FF can be explained like this: For the past 20 years the FF have been a laragely secretive operation from the 90’s that have somewhow stayed off the government radar -mostly been out in another universe having insane adventures while trying to find a cure for Ben. They stumbled upon a wormhole type of thing and have missed out on all the MCU zaniness the last decade. They also thought they’ve only been gone for a few months, ala “Interstellar”. They arrive at the end of Avengers 4 wondering what the heck has been going on in their absence…Cue Johnny discovering Tinder, Reed checking out an iphone, etc…

One thing we DON’T need is another origin story. Drop them in present time, they have full control over their powers and they are the new badasses on the block. AND NO DR DOOM!!!


Jeez, I didn’t even think of this. I really hope searchlight gets to keep doing it’s thing, they consistently put out worthwhile films.


Bring in about three generations of FF. Malcolm McDowell as the no-longer-stretching Reed. Helen Mirren as Sue, definitely the leader. Ben is still a pile of rocks, apparently ageless as a rock. Johnny tries to be a hothead, but just sputters. The kids and grandkids are another story.


Yeah, and though it may be “timely,” I don’t think pushing the same Mutie Hate as the driving force needs to be as direct and overt this time. At heart, while that was always orbiting the stories, much of the best X-men stories were adventures. They were a school of superheroes who basically fought characters who wouldn’t be too out of place as Bond villains.

I honestly have gotten sick of the mutant angle in the movies and the comics. I think it lost sight of the idea that they are superheroes. It could be there, but don’t focus so much on the fact that there are kids who have powers and tell the story of what they do with those powers.


Hating mutants makes no sense in a MCU that loves superheroes. Being weird or ugly would be more interesting as most of the Marvel characters are beautiful people.


It can work in the right context.

For example, maybe in the MCU the mutants have been suppressed by a brutal dictatorship in some Middle Eastern country, which we can call Genosha for argument’s sake, and so kept hidden from the rest of the world. A group of them, the core X-Men, escape and make it to the USA, the land of opportunity, to seek asylum.

Automatically, they would be hated by the anti-immigration crowd. This would be reinforced when people discover that they also have super-powers. There is already a section of the MCU public that dislikes how the super-powered are getting away with taking matters into their own hands, so the mutants would incur more controversy. This becomes even more of a hot topic when people discover that the mutants were born that way and so if they “cross breed” with regular humans then their children may well become mutants too. When one of the immigrants, Xavier, tries to get the US government to help his people back home, the fear of war makes more people fear the mutants.

This negativity would become more pronounced when one of the immigrants, Magneto, traumatized from the way he was punished in his home country, pushed over the edge by some rough treatment by Americans, flips out and resorts to more radical ways of securing not just equal treatment but superior treatment for his people. This also frees Magneto from being tied to his World War 2 roots.

So the first film could set all of this up and end with Xavier and the X-Men stopping Magneto and his sect from completely wrecking things, yet still leaves the mutants in a very precarious situation.

This does not have to preclude things like Weapon X either as it is still probable that the government in Canada, or anywhere else, did have some people who knew about this and tried to come up with their own mutant programs in deep, deep secret (so deep that even Fury did not know about it).

Basically, replacing homophobia with immigration as the hot topic of panic for the modern world.