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I don’t know about Age of Ultron but it felt like Rogue One was initially going to be a bit darker but Disney pulled back on it. I kind of wish they would have allowed Edwards to explore that territory a little more but I understand why they didn’t feel the brand allowed it.


And yet they might bring James “I Had No Idea Phones Were Being Hacked At The Papers I Ran, Honest” Murdoch onto the board? Weinstein must have been pretty awful to deal with all round, not just to the women he was harassing.


I met someone who had ptsd from working for him.



It seems… seems… to be a done deal. Phase 4 just got interesting.


Wow, that’s… I don’t know, what is that? I mean, are they going to start from scratch? Or are they going to take the established universes and, uh, I dunno, merge them?

Maybe they’d better just leave them apart.


I don’t know. There’s no sources referenced in that article and I kinda would expect someone other than International Business News - India edition to break it.


I used ellipses… :slight_smile:


They’d have to start over, right? X-Men has a natural point of entry that Harry Potter ripped off and they can steal back. Plus I think they’d want to do their own (better) casting.

The Dark Phoenix story has a natural point where Fox could tie off its universe, too.


They’d be throwing away a huge lot of established franchises, but yeah, I find it hard to imagine things going any other way. But that probably means that there’ll be leftovers from the “old” universe going continuing on their own, like Deadpool. That one’s going too well to just end him. But I suppose it could be like Jude Dench still being James Bond’s boss after the restart of that franchise.


They’ll do whatever they think will get the biggest audience.


If this is true, it’s too bad it happened just after Jackman retired. I would have loved to see him interact with The Avengers and Spider-Man. Other than that, I hope they let the current TV shows play out. Deadpool they can keep going. His weird meta-nonsense lends itself fine to a studio change just fine. They could have lots of fun with it. Although I’m curious if Disney would be comfortable with the R-rating is has…I suppose they would be as long it’s making lots of money.

It’ll be interesting to see what happens if this deal goes through.


No doubt.

Only that may be a hard call to make. What would you do? Restart or reshape what’s already established?


He has indicated in the past that he could be tempted back for an MCU crossover.


That’ll depend on a lot of factors, starting with how films like Dark Phoenix and New Mutants do?

Then it’ll be up to Feige to argue for integration, if that’s what he wants?

Even if it is, they may not wipe the board clean. It would be a chance to recast and get some costs under control there, but Disney doesn’t always go for the cheapest option.


Too bad he’s dead. I’ve been reading X-Men comics since the 80s and I just don’t see a workaround there.






There’s still lots of other studios and new players getting in all the time. My main point is that Fox aren’t exactly setting the world on fire based on their track record (each of the franchises I mentioned are their only true hits and half of them are a disaster). Disney can be a huge steroid shot. We might miss 1 or 2 Fox type movies each year (Kingsman wouldn’t happen under Disney) but I expect other studios to step in with those kinds of properties. People eat things other than McDonalds.

Restart clearly for me. And I’d move on from Jackson. He was great but we’ve seen his Wolverine in lots of movies. Plus he’s about to hit 50. Give Wolverine to some guy around 30 and get another dozen years of great character moments.

Introducing the FF into this universe seems easy - Reed and family disappeared a decade ago and no-one talks about them, a scientific experiment gone wrong, until they appear in Times Square warning of a God coming to eat the planet.

Introducing the X men is harder. It’s a clumsy narrative to have mutants suddenly be a thing when there’s been no mention before. Dr Strange just became the Sorcerer Supreme, magic was hidden from the world beforehand. Are all mutant hiding? Does no-one know what Xavier can do? Was there no such thing as Magneto in the MCU history? I’m almost tempted to want to keep the X Men separate, but fans won’t allow that to happen. So my guess is they’ll go the Ultimate X men route and have all mutants essentially be brand new, maybe a consequence of the Infinity War, with only a couple of guys having these powers for years and never revealing them.


All I’m saying is that one can fix a whole lot of continuity errors with one Reality Gem.