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Morena has quietly solidified roles in Deadpool and Gotham, and managed to have a kid in there somehow. Amazing woman.


Lawrence is most likely crying herself to sleep as the highest paid actress in Hollywood after Millarwold has been so mean. :smile:


I’m fine with Disney buying the rest of Marvel but I don’t know about them also buying every single other franchise Fox owns. Does f—ing everything have to be Disneyfied now?

And the least you could do is buy the news corporation, which exists solely to make old people terrified of their neighbors and colored people, and shudder its doors. If you’re not doing that, you’re useless.

On a scale of one barf to ten barfs, I rate this merger one million barfs.


OOOH!!! Yeah! They can have a shirtless water fight.


The News Division is selling off the other parts.


I propose we all chip in and piece some.


Well the most exciting part of the deal would be bringing the F4 to the MCU, but even more than that, we’ll finally get to see a proper MCU Silver Surfer & Galactus, which is exactly what Marvel’s gonna need moving forward to keep pumping out the amazing space adventures they’re going for.

Other than that, sure I hate the X-line, but I’d rather not everything was under Disney.

Though to be fair, the could use Fox as a mature thing, since I’m pretty sure Disney also owns some other mature studios & content.

I’m not a fan of Disney buying everything at any rate. Fucking Disney is evil… u_u


Disney are good at what they do, and I don’t know if I’d say Disneyfied is a thing anymore. Granted they don’t make many very adult orientated movies, but they do have a good live action action-adventure pedigree. Not everything is disinfected in twee wholesome bullshit.

Fox really only have 6 franchises worth bothering about: Avatar, which Disney can really elevate as it’s right in their wheelhouse, X Men which can follow the Marvel model, Apes which Disney might lighten a little but given the latest movie probably needs a bit of a change in direction, Independence Day which Fox has screwed up, Aliens/Predator which Fox have also screwed up and Deadpool - that’s the interesting one as it’s utterly anti-Disney but I assume they’ll develop a bit of an adult-focused studio for this kind of movie as it’s money making machine.


What will it mean for my hopes of a Warlock-based body horror-focused sequel to New Mutants?


Honestly, what I want most is the X-Men to be in Feige’s hands. I could care less about the F4 at this point.

Save my X-Men.


Oh and also, I reckon the Fox buy move has more to do with snatching a ton of content for their platform… or at least something tells me that’s the case, which is also not good for Netflix & co. content-wise.


I believe Fox’s stake in Hulu is on the block too. If Disney gets Hulu, then they don’t have to worry about creating a service from the ground up.



Just going to point out that Disney produced Pulp Fiction, Scream, The Piano, The Three Colours trilogy, The Crow, Clerks, Il Postino, Kids, Chungking Express, Trainspotting, The English Patient, Good Will Hunting, Jackie Brown, Shakespeare in Love, The Talented Mister Ripley, Chocolat, Bridget Jones’ Diary, Amélie, Gangs of New York, Chicago, Kill Bill, No Country for Old Men, There Will be Blood, and City of Men.

Now, granted, they sold off the arm of the company that produced those movies (it became the Weinstein company, of course), but they do have priors in both popular and critically acclaimed live action outside the family-friendly side of things.


It was Miramax before that. So it’s not like it was ran as part of the main business either.


Are they also looking to get Fox’s TV networks out of this deal? Because that would provide Disney with a shitload of extra content for their Non-Netflix streaming service, including that show about the Flanders or whatever they’re called.


The post-buyout Star Wars movies are credited as Lucasfilm productions, and the Marvel films are credited as Marvel Studios. They’re all answering to the Mouse somewhere down the line though, just like Miramax did when it was part of Disney


Well that’s key, isn’t it? They got out of that business. Maybe they’ll want to start with the adulting again, but Disney have a particular house style that’s quite different from Fox, both in TV and movies. So I just don’t know if they’ll aim for a more mature product as a result of this merger, or if they’ll lower the target rating for some of the franchises. They have such a good track record of success that I feel confident with them owning any of the major franchises. I don’t fear the mouse.


Mostly as they didn’t want to deal with Weinstein apparently.


I think Disneyfied is still a thing. There’s a through line between stuff like Beauty and the Beast, the Force Awakens, the Marvel films. They’re all pretty safe and tame, they don’t grapple with big or interesting ideas, they rarely do anything interesting visually, they reel off the same kinds of jokes and beats.

The McDonalds metaphor is a cliche but it’s completely apt. You go into a Disney film knowing exactly what to expect. The baseline quality is generally high, the amount of risk generally low. There are zero surprises, but the value tends to be good, which is the important thing—particularly for families.

There’s nothing wrong with that at all. I just don’t want it to be everything.

As for the Apes and Alien, who knows. I’m not convinced Alien has much wide appeal—Prometheus did well but I think it was curiosity-seekers intrigued by Ridley Scott’s return, who ultimately didn’t like what they saw. Apes was a trilogy or seemed like one, and it’s over. This latest film added a Disney-like character and people laughed at some of its jokes, but it also felt a little incongruous. It is a franchise that has never been “light” however—it’s about animal cruelty, racism, and the downfall of mankind and has been as such since Heston wore the loincloth. Who knows what will happen with these franchises.

I will also add that the one recent Disney film that didn’t adhere to the “McDonalds” comp I laid out above was Rogue One, and that was a terrible movie that I sense they regret making. Age of Ultron was similar (I liked it but I know many didn’t). So maybe they shouldn’t even try to take chances.