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I see what’s happening here. The movie was called Fant4stic, but it is actually a Fantastic Four adaptation.


OK, that movie was terrible, I’ll give you that.


Marvel got the Blade rights back some years ago.


Plays neatly into my “Fantastic Four fix the MCU post-Infinity War” theory.


With a Human Torch that’s pushing 40?


I like the idea of Marvel getting the Fantastic Four rights back. Less excited about the X-Men. Because I think Fox has taken that property to interesting places with things like Days of Future Past, Logan, Legion, and The Gifted. New Mutants looks really promising too. Not that Disney couldn’t do good stuff with X-Men (I like most of the Marvel movies, even the less than stellar ones entertain me), but I think it might be more standard superhero fare vs what Fox has been trying out.


Who says they would give him the role back? besides he said he wants to do a buddy comedy not an action flick


Old Man Johnny. Could work.


Gosh. you’re right, you know. I don’t think he thought his proposal through at all.


Fantastic Four seems to be arriving just at the right time to put some new energy into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Cap, Stark and Thor have all had their trilogies. Guardians is maybe one movie left. It’s hard to provide more character arcs beyond 3 movies, instead you get a static character like James Bond and that’s not what Marvel are about. An for each of them they’ve really burned through their source material so there’s not alot left.

If we assume that every actor wants to maintain their Marvel role (and these days my guess is all do), and that they can earn a paycheck by doing a cameo and a weeks work, then Marvel have Ant Man, Captain Marvel, Spidey, Dr Strange & Black Panther as their future movie lineup with the others as cameo characters (though I suspect we’ll see another Thor movie). I don’t know if any of them can hit $900 million (except Spidey). So they need a new tentpole and Fantastic Four should be it mainly because of the villains and how they fit perfectly in that Ragranok high fantasy adventure niche that seems so popular. After so many failed FF movies I’m excited by the idea of a billion dollar FF franchise.

I don’t like what Fox did with X Men and I think the franchise is in a mess right now. Separating TV from the movies (before @Todd Todd tells us how great the TV shows are again) Wolverine is dead, McAvoy and Fassbender are probably done, I couldn’t name a single other cast member and Apocalypse was beyond awful and they have a time travel mess on their hands. So there’s a place for a reboot. I’ve been supportive of just keeping the X Men separate from MCU, but that’s not going to happen if Disney grab the franchise. So fi this deal happens I see a complete reboot of all plans (sorry Gambit movie), except Deadpool who looks like a money printing machine.

With that it’s hard not to get hyped for a good X Men franchise. Wolverine fighting Hulk or Cap, Summers challenging Tony, Xavier being this old leader. There’s alot of potential there and the Disney touch could be really amazing. Honestly I think this merger is what reverses the MCU decline that looks like it could happen after Infinity War.


You’re not sorry at all. :wink:




No, I’m sure it’d have been great. I was really looking forward to it. First in line at the cinema. Honest.



Goes to show how awful she was as shit Mystique.



It’s okay, Jim. You’re not under oath.


Oh, that’s Mystique? I was about to reply to Dave and say I couldn’t name her :smiley:


She looks a bit different in the film. :wink:


Yes, I’ve never seen her with clothes on :wink: