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So the full DMT fueled Jim Starlin extravaganza? :wink:







Considering he Gamora and Thanos killed 25,000 Black Knights of the Church of Universal Truth in close combat… yep. That’s not a shiny happy story.



I really hope they don’t go that way with Warlock. The Guardians property shouldn’t spin off a character that’s uber serious, and I think Adam himself would be more accepted if he was in a fun setting. Man of Steel was something different that worked with Superman - the kind of arc he had (as the only one with superpowers, the one to lead the planet and change it forever) doesn’t fit in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


I’ve liked Armitage since Spooks and I think he’s pretty much perfect for Wolverine. I’d be down to see him playing a film version of the character.





6,500 Twitter followers, counting the bots. I smell a hit!



(the former is the tweet embedded in the latter, which won’t embed while the tweet embedding it is embedded on another site).


Forget Cap and the Human Torch, it means they can get Hannibal King in the next Deadpool movie.


I love the fact that the Brazilian part is voiced by Morena Baccarin.


Or Human Torch vs Erik Killmonger.


That’s New Line (owned by WB) isn’t it?


i don’t get that one. there was never a FF movie with a black Human Torch. no no nope. Never happened. unh unh noooooooooo. (do you think if I say no enough I can make it not have happened?) :wink: