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I don’t think Thanos’ plans bear particularly close scrutiny at this point.


No but the tesseract was, and so is the time stone. 2 out of 6 in the same planet is already too much if you ask me. Not counting the mind stone since Thanos “lost” it on earth, cause of Loki. The soul stone would make it half the gauntlet on earth. =/


Well their target audience is primarily people from Earh, so it makes sense they’d want to cater to them and make them feel extra special.


I was busy watching cat videos.


Having finished Netflix’s Punisher series, the thought occurs that I would love to see a big-screen version of Jon Bernthal’s Frank Castle. Do you think that there would be scope within Kevin Feige’s 20-film master plan for some sort of Marvel MAX imprint? Obviously Marvel have made a great success of their Indiana-Jones-but-with-super-powers-and-they’re-in-space-sometimes formula, so fair enough if they don’t want to tinker with that. There must surely be some scope for variety, though. For properties like The Punisher, who are never going to fit in with the Avengers at the core of the MCU, why not take a punt on something that is lower budget and more director/actor-led than studio-led? Utilise the Punisher and similar properties to make self-contained, bespoke adaptations that are clearly branded as Marvel (but for adults) and get some proper action/horror/thriller features from them.


I would love that. I’d be happy with a cameo more than anything at this point. Although I’d love to see Castle next to Steve Rogers in Cap 4 doing some stuff, I think a better sell would be Charlie Cox’s DD showing up in the next MCU Spiderman flick.


The audience for a Punisher movie just isn’t big enough. It’s not like the Netflix shows are cheap, they cost as much as a medium sized movie to make, but their business model means they represent a good investment for the people putting up the money.

I wouldn’t put a cent into a Punisher film.


I’d actually consider paying money to see a Captain America or Spider-Man movie with Bernthal’s Punisher as an antagonist.


Sounds good, count me in.

I don’t think there is anything inherently wrong with the Punisher as a movie concept, particularly this Bernthal version, so long as budget/expectations are kept in check. Quality and positive word-of-mouth are just as important as awareness of the character and past successes/failures. We’re in a world now where Thor, Wonder Woman, Deadpool and the Guardians of the Galaxy movies have considerably more buzz than the likes of Superman and Batman.


I already paid money to see a Daredevil series with Bernthal’s Punisher as an antagonist. :slight_smile:


Same, which is why I’d be willing to do it again!


I think that would be the way to go; lead with the character who has a cinema audience and use Punisher as a counterpoint.

I don’t think it’ll happen though. The MCU inhabits a different universe, whatever the continuity says. Frank and his real-world(-ish) approach aren’t what the movies are interested in.


There may be factors we don’t know yet that would explain why a disproportionate number of the stones have ended up on Earth. Just as a disproportionate number of the 10 richest people in the world are from the US, it may be that the stones found their way to Earth because that’s where the greatest opportunities exist for their exploitation.

Or something…


nah… that argument don’t fly :smile:

However, now that I think about it… if my Vision theory is incorrect, we migh already know where the soul stone is, we just didn’t see it… think Gotg2. =P


Gunn has said there’s no guarantee that Warlock will even be in GotG3. He set that up more for fun than because there was a plan in place for the character.


Well, do a 4th film then…


But Warlock not being on Gotg3 doesn’t mean he can’t be in another movie… I mean, I doubt we’d see him in Cpt. Marvel, but who knows… there’s like a full year between A3 & 4 no?


I wouldn’t want Warlock in a new GotG movie. His story needs to be handled seriously.

A good tone for a Warlock movie would be something like Man of Steel :slight_smile:


One can dream… =(

I dunno… I duess it depends what they end up doing with the big T. I’m still holding hope for a Thanos & Warock movie down the line…

At any rate, they might as well use the golden people as the MCU’s Warlock backstory, 'cause tbh the whole “counter-earth” thing was always super silly. So just go with what is there already… some crazy golden aliens create a perfect messiah-like being to use as a pawn, then he rebels and there we go.

Plus, it might be better for the golden dudes (forget their name) to actually have the soul stone and get involved, so that their inclusion in GotG2 doesn’t end up being as unnecessary as it currently is.


I thdon’t no once Avengers 4 comes out, the MCU will be done with Thanos.