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Also, the issue of Spider-Man/Deadpool that panel is from was written by Paul Scheer, who’s in The Disaster Artist.



So, that Avengers: Infinity War trailer?

230 million views in 24 hours.


That sounds like a lot. Is that a lot?

(Not kidding. I mean, obviously it’s a huge lot, but I have no frame of reference for this!)


Yes. It’s a lot.


Yay! Frame of reference!

Surprises me a bit that the previous record-holder was It though. I mean, what about that video with a cat or something?


I’ve been doing my part to get Batman Ninja to break the record. Why aren’t you guys helping?


I was busy drinking and watching porn. Maybe next week if you catch me at a good time. I love to help.


Counterproductive. Drinks dull the senses man.


…which can be useful in certain situations.




Like the sense of decency and self respect?



After watching Guardians 2 tonight I looked up a still from the team from the Infinity War trailer just to see what Groot looks like. Anyway here it is. Same as the mid-credits scene.




I hope the Soul Stone isn’t in Wakanda, cause too fuckin earth-centric already. No reason why Thanos couldn’t just get it from somewhere else either in the movie or just off-screen (plus he already had the mind stone to begin with, anyways).


The Collector, the nova corps, and Loki are all not of Earth.


And the mind stone is only on Earth because Loki used it while invading.


So Thanos was simply after the Eye of Agamotto when he got Loki to invade Earth?