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I’d have watched the hell out of this.


Time for a trip to Youtube.


A projector was just installed at my work so I got them to run the Infinity War Trailer as its test run. :sunglasses: looks and sounds really good on a big screen.


Says it all. Trailer looks fantastic.

Marvel are going to pull off a 20-film epic for the ages.


Yeah bad news… that’s sort of the entire premise of the infinity gauntlet =P

I just hope they take their time developping Thanos… They have the 2nd movie to go all out. Plus he doesn’t seem to be wearing the armor yet, instead opting for his more casual look, which gives them a non-helmeted character to toy with, so use that!!!

I’m not super hopeful at this point though… u_u


They’re clearly not going to have possession of the infinity gauntlet by the end of that fight. :smirk:


Pull a Blake’s 7! C’mon. Marvel! That’s where you’ve been headed!


I like that it seems that Loki is only going to give Thanos the tesseract to save the remnants of Asgard. At least that’s what I’m hoping based on what it looks like.


Having him ‘flip’ again would ruin his arc completely. Unless this was always the plan. Bwahahahaha.


Iron Man Three is my counter against the argument people are making in one of the threads saying that these blockbusters shouldn’t really be re-watched. I really didn’t like it in the cinema, a major disappointment. When I saw it again, a few years later, I thought it was pretty good. Maybe a top 5 MCU film, but definitely one of their best.


Yes! :slight_smile:


Except… with likeable characters?

I wonder if it’s too late to get Wonder Woman in the Avengers? :thinking:


Every movie is somebody’s first movie.



Is it that he’s black?


Oddly, no.


It’s because of his bitchin’ interior design skills.


Apparently, it’s that he’s lost a parent and is struggling with a huge responsibility.

Um, wait.


Another random thing I noticed while watching the trailer: that moment they go into the theme at the end there really got me. It’s probably because I’ve so recently rewatched all of these movies with my kid, but it’s gotten to the point where the theme affects me in the way the Star Wars theme does.


I do think a Wiseau cameo in a Guardians movie is called for.