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Crisis on Earth X gives a fairly good idea of how a large ensemble Superhero story would work and it’s probably going to be around the same running time.

I imagine we’re going to get - Disaster style opening on two fronts with two seperate ‘teams.’ Thanos leaves disaster in his wake and gets chased by all Earth’s heroes teamed up. They meet with Marvel’s off Earth heroes who have pledged to defend the cosmos. Big ending which Thanos probably wins or at least loses taking a big toll on the heroes by way of loss of a major character or change of reality.


It’s true, to an extent, and I’m not super keen on another army of faceless enemies for a CGI slamfest. But I think Marvel knows how important making Thanos a legitimate developed character is, so at the very least it should be different in that way. Also, and this isn’t something small, we’ve had 40-50 hours of time with the whole cast of characters, which goes a lot towards making us care about what happens to them.


I love it.


That’s what I’m thinking, we’ve basically had all the slow build to get to know characters at the start of a disaster movie, they can jump straight in.

At this point, no one over 4 is going to be dipping into that world for the first time.


If someone else doesn’t say “I can do this all day,” while Cap watches on, in this movie, I’ll be sorely disappointed.


Ideas do repeat; 'Justice League’s villain was pursuing the same plan as Zod; reshape the planet earth into a recreation of his home world.

‘Infinity War’ is a two part story. My guess would be that Thanos wins part one, so that part two is the heroes fighting back.

I would also assume that one hero may die by the end of part one, to really hammer home how serious everything is, but we’ll lose a few more by the end of part two.


The funny thing is that there will be people doing exactly this, wondering what all the hoopla is. Of course, they’ll be a teeny tiny minority of the box office audience, but still, they’ll be there, missing out on the greatest corporate cinematic feat in history.


They deserve nothing but confusion. :smiley:


you don’t think that their knowledgeable friends won’t have them watch at least some of the previous movies before going to the theatre? even the 4 yr olds will have watched a marvel movie before


This is pretty much Marvel’s usual MO for trailers, especially for the big Avengers movies. Serious epic trailer first, with a lighter gag-filled trailer to come later.


There’ll be some that won’t, absolutely. Again, it won’t be many people, but it’s pretty much a certainty that some adults will witness Infinity War as their very first Marvel film, wondering what the hell is happening.


then as Parker says

The other movies are everywhere, On DVD, on Demand, on cable, how can you avoid them without doing it on purpose.


True. And that always seemed like a problem for Justice League. Because Marvel was already well into building to this before DC even started down their Justice League path. There was next to no build up for Justice League and more than half the characters, including the villain were new to movie audiences in JL. A lot of things in JL feel rushed and not earned, even down to the way the characters interact (especially the way Bruce feels about Superman, which is kind of the crux of the movie). Hopefully Infinity War feels more complete in those respects. After a forever amount of movies, I sure how it feels more epic than forced.


The comicon trailer apparently had a lot of funny moments in it.

With a large cast you tend to need that though just so everyone has something to do. However, it’s pretty clear that Marvel has been smart about this and is including the Black Order in the movie too so that the characters can have a one on one fight with bad guys without having to defeat Thanos (In fact, you can see Cap Fighting Proxima in one shot early on).


Rationally I can’t disagree with any of this, I’ve just developed a knee jerk reaction to faceless CGI armies by now!


As long as there isn’t a kill switch that defeats the entire army I’ll be okay. :wink:


This was a benefit for Civil War too. A lot of the big character moments in that film played off development that had been running for several movies by that point. It would be a lot harder to make that stuff stick if you had to set it all up and pay it off in a single movie.


It also mirrors the first film in terms of where the the main characters are at, personal arguments and feelings having them split apart so the catalyst needed to bring them together is the result of their own fault for not being a unified team.


Dude, didn’t you see Mantis waving at the end there?

But yeah, there’s definitely a funny trailer coming.


Why? I mean, if you had been talking about the second one… but the third IM was always a good movie.

Also, I still stand by my opinion that Ultron is better than it is given credit for. Rewatched it a few days ago, and it works fine. Apart from the stupid Thor cave thing, there’s really nothing about the movie that I didn’t like. Ultron is actually a fairly layered and fun villain, too.