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I’m looking forward to Thor, Hulk, and the Guardians saving the day.


Yeah, that looks good. I think it nicely gives a sense of the epic, ensemble feel that this movie needs if it’s going to set itself apart from all the other Marvel (and non-Marvel) superhero movies.

Looking forward to it.


Avengers: Fantastic 4.


I like it a lot.

That’s not all the footage that was in the D23 reel, but then that served a different purpose. It was an early treat for the convention audience.

This plays really well. I hope it runs with ‘Last Jedi’?


Well that looks fantastic. Yay


I agree it’s very perfunctory, but I like that fact it’s told us nothing more than we’d already thought - Wakanda will be attacked, Vision will get his stone taken, Thanos comes to earth to finish (or begin) putting the Gauntlet together.

I doubt we’ve seen much past the 40-50 minute at this point, definitely nothing past the half way mark except for maybe GOTG and Thor. Looks like Thanos comes and wrecks the gaff and The Avengers have to chase him down in space. I’m down with that.


I can see Infinity War ending with Thanos having gathered all the stones and using it for the first time. Screen fades to black.


Ron Perlman looks fantastic!

Wait, what?


Looks good. Now to try and avoid hearing any more about it until it’s release next year.

Hang on, is it out before Black Panther? Never mind.


And is it just a cosmic coincidence that the US release date for Infinity War is Star Wars Day?


Really they should have let the Han Solo movie have that one.


There’s a Star Wars day?


May the 4th be with you…


Jesus Christ.

I think I’m getting too jaded for the science fiction community.


It’s awful, isn’t it? But how have you missed it so far?


The weird thing about “May the Fourth be with You” is that its apparent first appearance was a headline congratulating Margaret Thatcher on being elected in 1979.


Hums Darth Vader theme


I still have no idea how Infinity War is going to work as a movie, but I’m definitely stoked to find out.



That trailer seems to promise lots of the moments we’re looking forward to. But I hope there’s a funny trailer coming - I think we need some laughs in this kind of movie.

Also fascinating that this movie appears to be pretty much the same as Justice League.