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Pretty much teabaging Justice League at this point. Someone call PETA.



I guess I was spoiled by Peter David’s writing but I just don’t see Madrox as a hard R character.

I mean, he could be but it feels a bit unnecessary.


Please, sir! The Multiple Man?

And this coincides with the release of Viagra for over-the-counter sales?

Buy stock in defibrillators!


I mean if they’re going to write it as a hardboiled noir a hard R rating could definitely work. Without knowing what they’re aiming for though it’s hard to judge.



Re-watched Iron Man 3 last night, which just cemented it as my number 1 MCU flick.


I had a similar (though not quite as extreme) reaction to it recently. When I first saw it I thought it was so-so, but I really enjoyed it on second viewing. The Shane Black-ness of it all really comes through. The ending is still too long and too CGI, but what’s new…


Here’s what works about IM3
-The intro with the exploding suits and the voice-over.

  • 90% of the movie, Tony Stark’s IM suits either don’t work or are not available to him. It hammers home his line in Spiderman:Homecoming when he tells Parker that if he needs the suit to be a hero, then he shouldn’t even be one.
    -The kid could have been annoying, but was handled with enough snark and sarcasm to make it stick.
    -The Christmas theme.
    -Guy Pearce and Ben Kingsley
    -Tony dealing with PTSD from Avengers

On paper, all those things would make me groan/stay away, but Shane Black handles them all pretty well and makes one of the more subtly unique superhero movies we’ve ever seen.


But mostly: Trevor Slattery.

I have never laughed so much at a Marvel movie as I did during his scenes.


I’ve been saying for ages that IM3 was one of, if not the best MCU movie and I keep getting laughed at… :expressionless:


GMA has the new Infinity War trailer up on their Twitter. Hasn’t hit YouTube yet.




Looks great. I’m liking the look of Thanos.


That thumbnail does it for me.


That was SO COOL!!!



Thanos looks a lot better than I expected.


Me too, looks much better defined than the previous cameos.

A little concerned about another ‘aliens attack the city’ plotline but it hints enough it’ll be more than that and probably not the climax.

Something big will happen at the end because I don’t believe for a second that the king of the plan Kevin Feige doesn’t have a title yet. I think the title will give away a plot point (a la Search for Spock).


The trailer’s a bit more perfunctory than I would’ve liked, but who gives a shit? A fairly well orchestrated plan to launch the largest franchise in a decade is coming to an end, and it’s been a good ride the whole time, and I’m incredibly excited to see what happens when they bring all this together.