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Interesting that that covers for that article along with the pictures in the article show Thor with Mjolnir, both eyes and a more traditional costume but still having the shorter haircut. I wonder if there is something that will undo parts of Thor: Ragnarok or if those are just there so as not to spoil the film.

Also, haven’t they shown Captain America with a beard and different suit already?


Muted colours and no smiling …What is this, a DC movie?.


Also, haven’t they shown Captain America with a beard and different suit already?

I think that’s only been in the SDCC footage that was never officially released.


I thought they had officially released the image below though.


That’s very nice, but is it an official image?


I missed that. Thor apparently didn’t have the eyepatch in the SDCC footage either, so as not to spoil Ragarok; I think the consensus is that it’s probably going to be added with CGI.


Are you saying it’s not official? It’s by no means hard to come by in a high resolution format.


Yeah, it was released at SDCC.


That’s what I thought. Thanks, Paul.


I was saying I didn’t know?

But now I do!



The other half is colored laser beams!



Well, it’s “Infinity War” not “Infinity Picnic?”


To be fair, I’d probably have preferred Captain America: Civil Picnic


The biggest takeaway from that article is this paragraph that includes a quote from Feige:


I would have been up for Captain America: Civil Engineers.


Well I am expecting Fantastic Four so go ahead and prove me right, Kev.



That article felated Feige so much I thought Buzzfeed might have to drop a Breaking News report on it. Nice Disney puff piece, they’re definitely warming up the hype machine while standing over Justice Leagues still twitching corpse.


Marvel has announced that the Infinity War trailer will drop tomorrow!