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So he’s upset about the makeup sessions? You think he could’ve asked around about what that’s like…


It sounds like he wasn’t told in advance that he would have to undergo such extensive makeup sessions. So I can understand his disappointment with finding out he had to do that.


Sure, and they should’ve told him, but at the same time, people had been going through these kinds of makeup sessions for superhero films for many years already by that point.


Of course, but not all superhero roles require that kind of extensive makeup, and it sounds like it wasn’t the job he signed on for.

It’s like applying for a job as an accountant and then being asked to build a brick wall outside in the rain. And then when you complain, being told “I don’t know what you’re complaining about, people have been building brick walls for years”. :slight_smile:

Who knows where the breakdown in communication happened though, I guess it could have been something that wasn’t communicated to him by his management rather than it necessarily being Marvel’s fault.


Yeah, who knows. I’m just saying it’s far from a minority of cases that require hours of prep before filming, you think that kind of thing would’ve been discussed a bit. He distinctly doesn’t say he was lied to, so it leads me to believe it somehow didn’t come up at all…


I think he’s just not cut out for this sort of work. He said in interviews he took the job because he had a gap in his schedule and a mortgage to pay.

Fantastic actor but clearly not the right guy for this genre.


Well, he could’ve said “no thanks”… I doubt anyone put a gun to his head… anyways… u_u


Rob swore that he did actually have “after FM” on the page, but it was removed by editorial or something.


liefeld 3


Another one of my favorites.


Yeah it’s a great GI Joe cover.


Holy shit, I didn’t realize he swiped from the artist of Bloodstrike too!


The GI Joe image is a pinup. :wink:


You’re a pinup @RonnieM.


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That’s what she tells me too.


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She’s very proud.


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