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I follow him on Instagram and he’s just like this. He still loves comics and everything connected to it. You would think if anyone has been beat down by the industry, it would be Rob Liefeld but he’s super enthusiastic about comics and everything connected to them.


In fairness the industry made him super rich and famous, but yeah, he’s pretty strong to have suffered all the haters over the years. I wish he had more of a role in comics today - it’s interesting to see where all the Image guys have ended up.


I don’t disagree. Think about other creators who have been given similar wealth and fame without the shit and how willing some of them are to deride it if not completely shit on it though.


Yeah, and while Liefeld might not be among my favorites - it’s undeniable that his sandboxes have led to some pretty entertaining and one of a kind reads.



Let me guess… they don’t actually have an answer… u_u


It amazes me jackass fans and critics stil give him crap about that Cap pic when it’s obvious what he was doing.


I think it’s called “swiping.”



That may have been what he was going for but he got the angle and position all wrong so it’s still not a good drawing.


I get people don’t like it; I appreciate it for it’s cartoonish, over the top depiction.


In this case I see it as an homage, especially since he’s not known to swipe from pics or other artists’ work.


I’m okay with it too. I like that the likes of Leifeld and McFarlane brought in a more exaggerated and cartoony style when a lot of marvel art could be quite bland.


The ‘A’ stands for Austria. :wink:


You realize Schwarzenegger’s dream role for the longest time was Sgt. Rock. :wink:


Come on Rory, it’s obvious what he was doing.


I agree. I was never a particular Liefeld fan but I was a big McFarlane fan, and I didn’t care that the anatomy or perspective was wonky when the images looked so cool and dynamic.


Now I’m confused. You just posted an image that seemed to suggest that his drawing wasn’t cartoonish and over the top.

I’ve never been a big fan of his art but I certainly don’t hate it. The problem with that cap cover is that it’s just not a good drawing anatomically. The angle of his shoulder and the angle of his chest don’t match. The photo you posted just drives that home.



He was attached to the project, but so was Bruce Willis. It’s passed through the hands of many actors.

The obvious casting choice now though;


You don’t think Arnold’s physique is cartoonish and over the top?