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I like it. Didn’t get to see Legion yet - and quite want to, as it has the Sienkiewicz Seal of Approval. Soon!


Legion is hands down the best superhero TV series yet. It may be the best adaptation of any comic property.


So of course I haven’t seen it yet! But BvS? On all the time!


Good man.
I have the same thing going for Valerian.


Still not a done deal, but we can hope it becomes one.


Jason Sudekis for Ritchie would be perfect.


Yeah it was pretty bad… weak finale for a weak series.

I wonder if they took the script from one of the drafts fr the movie, because it feels like you could’ve easily compressed the story in a 2.5-3hrs without all the filler there was in the 8 episodes (there was a lot).

Kudos to Black Bolt and Maximus who really gave it their best… Karnak and Medusa did a good job too. Triton was severly misused, but serviceable. The rest, including Gorgon & Crystal, were pretty bad, or just plain lame.

Oh well, here’s hoping they won’t let anyone who made this happen near a TV show ever again =/



I have no idea why they haven’t done a Black Widow movie yet, it can be awesome done right.


Legion is just great, regardless of genre. I know it has nothing to do with him but I reckon it is based on how Jeff Goldblum views the world.


Um… what?


Ought to fit right in with them new Universal monsters.


I bought every issue of the recent Morbius series, and even I think this is a bad idea.


This announcement actually made me laugh out loud. That can’t be a great sign, but I hope to be pleasantly surprised!


They should just make a midnight sons movie.


Good luck to them. I’m sure it was a great pitch meeting (because I bet most people in the room hadn’t read the full script, just the coverage) and everyone was enthusiastic.

But even if its actually a great script it’ll still be a miracle if the film gets made. That’s just how it is in Hollywood.

Seriously though; good luck to them, I hope they’re the exception and it’s a great film!



robliefeldCABLE!! Say what?? I’m going to actually meet him in the flesh and blood(and steel coils)?? And, oh, by the way, he’s one of your favorite and one of the most talented actors of all space and time! Yeah, I dare you to try and meet one of your own creations and not get umpteen butterflies in your stomach. I don’t remember anything that was said here besides me thinking “I’m meeting CABLE!! HOW AWESOME IS THIS?!?!” Mr. Josh Brolin could not be more perfect in this role. He is amazing and outstanding and you will no doubt be as giddy as I was when watching him portray Cable. His commitment to becoming Cable goes beyond his physical transformation, he found the voice that fans will go crazy about! Ryan as Deadpool and Josh as Cable. Look out World this is going to be nuts! #cable #xforce #deadpool #robliefeld #marvel #20thcenturyfox


That’s really just adorable


It really is. I love how nakedly enthuastic he is even after all these years.