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Well, yeah, if your family might be Sicilian. Nice close family. Like the Disney brothers were close and warm.



I always liked that there’s a DisneyPlanet in Babylon 5


That’s because you haven’t tried living on it.


I spent a week in DisneyWorld once. That was enough for me.


Fan made BP vs Wolverine trailer:


Well, beyond SH movies and franchise rights, a merger would be a terrible idea, not only because monopolies are usually bad anyways, but think about other stuff… like Netflix. Now imagine all the Fox content removed from Netflix and the likes (all of the licensed shows, etc…) because Disney wants to launch their own platform (which I mean is the real reason behind a merger, to get licensing right to Fox catalogues). We’re talking about restricting a TON of media content under the Mouse’s terms and conditions =/

Eh, it’s just a bad idea.


It’s bad for us, but to a corporation like Disney? Oh, it’s gooood.






Quick, make a meme. Winter Soldier. Frozen.


in the


Martin Freeman went from 25 to 55 in like 3 years.


It looks like The Punisher will be the last new Marvel Netflix series; they’ve announced they’re developing a show for the Disney streaming service for 2019:


Not quite dead after all.



Well…Inhumans ended.

I can honestly say - you could shave off every plotline except for Karnak’s and leave behind a semi-decent half hour.


I would ask if it ended in a thud but that would imply it wasn’t already lying dead on the ground.


All of Inhumans, to me, felt like a dress rehearsal that really was not going all that well. Viewed as a whole, it was mostly people standing, walking, or talking. And not saying anything particularly all that interesting. Take the cast, the crew (not the effects crew - just the camera and gaffer folk), hire a writer, maybe a director, and for the love of Grud ship the damned script out for an unbiased eye before you spend all the money filming the damned thing!


Have you been watching The Gifted? It’s the second best Marvel series after Legion.