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Putting it in the area of being a pretty good movie, not the brilliant one Tomatometer’s 89% would suggest :wink:


Some of us are clever enough to understand what that Tomatometer means. Just a reflection of how many reviewers liked it and that’s all. :wink:

I’ll leave you to your venn diagrams on genre and imagining 7% more on Metacritic means anything regarding how you’ll enjoy a film. I just want to see if most people think it is shit or not before expending time and money and I’m trusting that aggregate over Tom Punk, bless him.

“hmm I received 3% greater satisfaction watching Doctor Strange over The Fault in Our Stars. The science cannot be denied!”


Second episode of Inhumans.

Still not terrible.

Still not great, but much better than its reputation suggests.

Medusa is annoyingly melodramatic, but Bolt, Gorgon and Karnak are all great (even though Karnak doesn’t get much to do in episode 2).

The Black Bolt actor impresses me with how he conveys a lot with minimal expressions. I read criticism that he was too unexpressive, but I think that’s a strength, not a weakness. I don’t want a Black Bolt with exaggerated pantomime mugging, I want understated, regal calm, and that’s how he plays it. Pay attention to his scenes, e.g. in the police station, and he only needs a tiny change of expression to tell you exactly what he’s thinking.


Also, Crystal’s hair is a revelation. For literally four and a half decades I’ve thought the pattern in her hair was something she wore. Now I find it’s striped hair. My mind is blown.


Just watched the latest episode of The Gifted. This is a really good show.

It has a great balance of action sequences and character moments. I love the chemistry between Eclipse and Polaris. The scene in the car was fantastic, especially their talk. I liked how they showed them working together to use their powers.

One of the show’s strengths is the lack of costumes. Having everyone in streetwear helps keep the show grounded. I think costumes would have looked silly and take you out of the show.

This show doesn’t feel like a Marvel Studios product. It has a definite Fox vibe to it. Regardless whether it’s a movie or TV show, Marvel Studios’ products have a “slickness” to them where Fox productions has a “grittiness”. I think that difference helps both companies.


When I watched the premiere, I noticed that and had thought the same as you. Personally, I prefer it to be some sort of hair band rather than a coloration.


I thought all of that was a given at this point, mate, I was just poking a bit of fun back!


I am waiting for the official score before I can judge your post accurately.



It sounds like Fox is on the verge of being sold to Disney so…here comes the X-Men and FF?


Dang, worst timeline…so par for the course with the X-Men then.


The news part of Fox will remain, so society will still be a shithole. But now we’ll be able to see Wolverine fight Iron Man in a movie.


Quit making it worse :stuck_out_tongue:


How about Captain America?


Don’t be ridiculous Todd.


Thank you baby Jesus :wink:


Well if something involving the X-Men is declared dead then I guess there’s no hope of it coming back.


Ugh I hope not, that’d be a terrible idea… Though I’d like someone to buy Fox News and burn it to the ground.


If the merger is not happening can we at least get Fox to have Wolverine fight Homer Simpson in a movie?


In 20 years time Disney will just own several countries and 20% of the Earth’s population. It’ll be a small world after all.

I reckon Fox and Disney must be talking about working together on FF and X Men considering the Spidey experiment has been deemed a success. Better to work with your competition and conspire together to make more money than compete and both lose. Isn’t that basic economic theory?