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Doctor Strange might be worth watching too.


Yup. There is a funny callback to the first Avengers too.

This one I will put under spoiler warning, not that it spoils the story at all but I forget how well known this bit is.

Doctor Strange is in it for about 5 minutes. It’s not particularly necessary to have seen the film, it’s fine that he’s just some wizard guy but you may want to put that one in over Civil War or Cap 2 that have no bearing at all.


Oh! Right! I forgot he was in one of the trailers! Okay, that’s another one then.

Hm. Might be a few weeks until I can see Ragnarok…


Yeah, he just needs to watch Cap 2 before Avengers 2 or the Hydra surprise will be spoiled.

So many things to think of!!!


I don’t want to spoil anything, but I’ll just say I don’t think Dr. Strange is remotely required viewing to prepare for Thor Ragtag Band.


To be honest, I don’t think any of this is required, as such. But now that he’s into comics, the little guy is turning into something of a completist :slight_smile:


Lol. Well if you haven’t watched Strange with him yet, then why not anyway, right? The visuals are pretty great and the prog lite soundtrack is pretty fun, too!


If you’re wanting to have fun, then I say skip Doctor Strange entirely.


Yeah, I’ll be happy to finally watch it myself, definitely.

Now there’s mixing the signals!

I suspect I’ll be fine. Got a pretty high tolerance for those Marvel movies, and at least Strange will have some interesting visuals, even if it shouldn’t work for me on other levels.


The visuals are overblown.

I’m merely thinking about the kid’s time here.


Heh. Lots of it works fine. For most people.

I’m sure there’s a thread for of opinions around here somewhere anyway.


Tom doesn’t like it, which is perfectly his right, but it’s generally another well received fun Marvel film.

I know you love your Metacritic Christian, Doctor Strange is a 72.


Yeah, and with the “thinking of the kid’s time” addendum there I was trying to skew it a bit there.

Not trying to be particularly combative here.


:joy: Haven’t you got a Christmas you need to get ready to steal, Tom? :wink:


I’d say watching Dr. Strange right before seeing Ragnarok would make the experience of viewing both a little better, one practically leads into the other.


Eh if I was a kid, Doctor Strange would BLOW MY MIND with those visuals… just saying… =P


I know someone’s gonna wanna weigh in on this one.


I think we all agree that Lundgren’s Punisher was brilliant.


Lundgren’s wasn’t brilliant but Entertaining would probably be a good description.

War Zone on the other hand was… not good.


I liked War Zone just fine… nothing special, but it was ok… Much better than Lundgren and Jane at any rate… Oh I remember I REALLY liked Jigsaw though, especially how they did his makeup.