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As would almost everything. I do think that after Wonder Woman studios will be rushing to create more female franchises. Missing the point entirely as per usual.


Seems like most of them already had some in the works.


It’s been over three years since Captain Marvel was officially announced, and it’s still 18 months away.


And Sony has the Black & Silver film they’ve been developing for a couple years now too.

Fox is the only one without a female franchise already in the works but nor have they added one to their development schedule either.


They’re maybe doing the X-23 movie, I guess, and they have Alita: Battle Angel next year.


I’ll only believe that movie’s been made 10 years after the home video release. But if it counts, then wouldn;t the live action Ghost in the Shell count towards the total too?


Strongly agree. I can remember a time when they were saying my Christina Ricci would play my Battle Angel Alita. Though the crushing disappointment of that not happening would go on to prepare me for the crushing disappointments of adult life, so it’s not all bad I guess.


Development Hell is real, and many are condemned to spend eternity in it.

The fact is that studios lose a lot less money by paying people to not make a movie than to actually make one that then drops dead at the box office.

It’s a miracle they make anything really. :wink:


Marvel’s New Warriors, the first half-hour comedy from Marvel Studios, will not be moving forward at the teen-oriented basic cable network — despite receiving a 10-episode order back in April.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Freeform was unable to make room on its schedule for a 2018 premiere. As a result, Marvel Studios requested that they be allowed to shop the series to other outlets, with an eye on a two-season pick-up. Marvel likely is looking to sustain momentum after the well-received launch of Fox’s The Gifted and strong buzz for Hulu’s Runaways (TVLine’s review posts today).


If you told me 2 years ago that ABC Family would have too much programming to schedule something, I’d say that it was probably a bluff or a power move. And I still do.


You know who never has too much programming? Netflix. Too bad Disney has kind of shot themselves in the foot there. Oh well, more room for Millarworld. :wink:


Black Cat and Silver Sable? :open_mouth:




Actually I thought I was joking :confused:


Never joke about Black Cat & Silver Sable, David.


“Unable to find room on its schedule”.

I’m going to have to remember to use that one.


Continuing me and my son’s prep for Thor 3, we watched Iron Man 3 yesterday. Still a very good movie, equal parts fun and action. Tonight, it’s on to Cap 2 and then he can watch Avengers 2, I think. And then we’re there.

Are are we? I assumed the important thing would be Hulk leaving the Avengers; is there anything from Civil War that woul have an impact?





The only relevant parts are the end of Thor 2 and the bit in Age of Ultron when Hulk wanders off in the Quinjet.


That’s what I thought. Okay, Cap 2 and Avengers 2 and then we should be prepared well enough.

(For the record, at some point he still needs to see Ant-Man, Doc Strange (not seen that one myself yet), the Guardians movies and Civil War. And it was really nice watching the first movies with him and feeling that excitement again of it all building up to Avengers. Very cool.)