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The actors who play Crystal & Gorgon are very bad. Their storylines are also the weakest by far, just plain filler.

It does look cheap, and tbh even Karnak power, which looks quite decent, is a bit off from his actual power in the CBs, which is weird.

But yes, on your last points, it IS better that AoS’s start (and yes, VERY low bar :smile: ) but the story is compelling enough to make you want to check out the rest.

It could’ve been a great show with tighter writting and better production… the show really needed more money and more time, but sure, it ain’t the worst crap ever, I’d still rather watch that than Arrow or Supergirl =P


The Rockford Files and The Muppet Show were on about 40 years ago…Okay maybe you have a point.


I think it might be time to change the unofficial forum name from ‘The Mark Millar Premium Gay Dating Website’ to the ‘The Mark Millar Retirement Community’.


It can be two things!


Can’t we agree that TV from both eras is crappy?


Except, y’know…people who have a pathological condition caused by tetanus…




“Damn, underwater shots are expensive!”


Ironically enough, I thought he gave his best performance last ep. But then again they were so lazy with him (and sooooo incosistent) that I’m not really that bothered =/


Rewatched Thor 2 because my kid hadn’t seen it yet and we have to prep for Thor 3.

I hardly remembered anything about it - such a forgettable movie… it’s not bad, though, everything about it is entertaining enough. It’s just that there is no emotional depth (which the first movie had) and the villain is utterly uninteresting, so things just… happen in a sequence, but without anything compelling to them.


Which when you’ve got Eccleston in the role shouldn’t happen.


I have found every MCU movie watchable at least, with a minimum one or two redeeming moments.

Except Thor 2, which I struggled to even pay attention to. It’s on Netflix and I still don’t care enough to click on it.




My kids grew up with the X-Men cartoon, which gave me the excuse to buy dozens of X-men action figures and playsets for them (and me) to enjoy. That show led them to Batman: The Animated Series as well as to the short-lived WildC.A.T.s series.


They should change the name of that to Batman: The Definitive Version



here you go



Holy shit, that would be awesome if they did it right!