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An actual movie would have probably been the best way to go with this property.


I’ve heard rumblings that someone might condense the 8 episodes into one feature length affair to see if it plays any better.


Wait…you…you’re still watching it?! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


How else would one discuss it?
We are men of morals.



Hmm… kindof a shame they went with a married & kids Clint, because I reckon TW would’ve been VERY good at a Hawkeye movie in the Bru/Fraction vein…


They should give him Taskmaster and basically say do whatever you want, sky’s the limit.


I have determination like steel. I am determined to come up with the perfect sentence to encapsulate this thin… abom… project.


Yeah, alright, that looks really good. That show looks like it has a good sense of what it is, and what it wants to do.


Yeah, Fraction Hawkeye was my first thought, as well.


One of my boys are sick and they’ve been up literally all night, so I’m not at work today.

He’s eventually gone to sleep and my wife is away to try get some shut eye as well, mother in law has taken my other son, so I’ve taken the unepexcted opportunity to catch up on some tv.

I just watched episode 2 of The Gifted and I thought it was fantastic.

I’m really surprised by how much I’m enjoying this already.

I’ve started to care about the characters and what is happening to them, which is not often the case within 2 episodes, especially in a show of this type.

When I saw the trailers I thought it was a bunch of bland actors and a show that would just got thru the motions - they’ve actually casted this really well.

Good cast, delivering good lines of a well plotted, well paced script - and it looks great.

And yes, the cast are nice to look at but they play their roles well - I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m not interested in watching a show filled with Lena Dunhams. Show me the beautiful people.

I’m glad I gave it the chance - two thumbs up - thanks to those whose posts persuaded me to give it a try.


I’ve just watched the first episode of The Inhumans.


…wasn’t terrible :expressionless:


"It was at this point that Millarworld knew with complete certainty something was seriously wrong with David. No one at that point knew the cause. (Was it a brain tumor? Was he suffering from a disease? Was this a psychological disorder?) It was a frighteningly realization that something was so very wrong with this once brilliant mind.

“The citizens of Millarworld did not know the cause of what had befallen David, but they knew they had to cure him. And they had to do it quickly.”


Inhumans isn’t terrible if your gold standard is TV from 40 years ago.


Hey, Columbo is a perennial classic.



I mean, it’s not top-of-the-line drama, but it’s nowhere near as bad as I was led to believe. There were some funny lines, some of the power use was very cool (Karnak is brilliantly done), the characters are all close enough to the “classic” Inhumans that I already like … and look, it’s got Lockjaw, you’ve got to love anything that has Lockjaw.

Negative points: some hammy acting (but that’s pretty standard for American TV), some weak CGI (but overall it doesn’t look as cheap as people were saying), and it’s a bit plot-expositiony (again, pretty standard for a TV pilot).

I thought it was a lot better than the pilot of, for example, Agents of Shield (ok, low bar), and unlike AoS I’m actually interested in what happens next.


Also, everything is terrible compared with the gold standard of 40 years ago :stuck_out_tongue:


If … IF you make it to episode 4, it’s better sailing,

And Perry Mason still rocks the courtroom drama!


"Action must be taken. NOW.

"The UK Contingent of Millarworld would be the ones to take action in saving David. Fortunately, the UK Contingent had the diverse skill set to help him. Hopes were high that a solution would be found quickly and spare David further suffering. The US Contingent was on standby, ready to jump at a moment’s notice should things take a turn for the worse with David.

"While all were optimistic that David could be helped. they had to be prepared for the worst. They knew if the herculean efforts to save David failed, it would be horrific. The potential effects if David could not be saved would be terrible and devastating.

“And with that, the Night Contingent was formed. They truly hoped they would not be called to action. If they were activated, then the David everyone knew and loved was truly lost to the world. All hope would be lost.”


There’s a danger of David effecting others Todd. Marvel apologism is a real issue that’s been secretly spreading around the internet for some time.